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    Has the lack of a release date killed your "urge" to play at all?

    Hello all, I have a group of five close friends (and myself of course) who have been waiting for Diablo 3 for a very long time. Around last August/September the bunch of us eagerly awaited as Blizzcon approached, hoping for a release date. Our hopes were not set too high seeing as how it is Blizzard; however, we were irrationally overwhelmed with the possibility of it finally arriving. Obviously the release date never came, much of the Diablo community kept thinking "soon!".

    My question is this: has the lack of a Diablo 3 release date killed any of that overwhelming excitement you perhaps once had for the Game? I know for quite a few people that it has. You may call it "immature", childish, or spoiled that to some degree we are disappointed in the lack of a release date. None of us are angry, nor has anyone threatened to not buy the Game. But I honestly think that once Blizzard does finally announce the release date for Diablo 3 that it will just be a "woo-hoo" moment.

    This is not a QQ post I am genuinely interested to see if anyone else shares this feeling. Also if a similar post has already been made I apologize

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    yes, its made me forget about it and put my mind on other games. i probably wouldnt buy it but i have the annual pass so i automatically have it.

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    Has the lack of a Diablo 3 release date killed any of that overwhelming excitement you perhaps once had for the Game?
    No, not really. I'm used to Blizzards "soon". The game is ready when it's ready. To be fair, I've been waiting for Diablo 3 for years and years so another year is just the same. I am however disappointed by the lack of a beta invite, but I guess millions others can say the same. It was something else that killed my "overwhelming excitement" but I won't comment on that as the discussion is pointless seing as money is king.
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    Yeah, kind of. I mean, I'm still super excited, but the lack of having no date to look forward to kinda sucks!

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    It definitely hasn't killed my urge to play (it actually is making me more antsy for it, haha). I can understand if it's killed or at least weakened some people's urge, and that's okay.

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    It hasn't really killed my urge to play but I am definitely not getting excited about news stories or checking the front page as much as I was. I was checking a few diablo fan site every day for news - now I just read MMO as usual and I know if it's ground breaking I'll get the news on the front page with my WoW news.

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    will i still get it and play the game like there is no tomorrow, DEFINITELY

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    Not really. D2 LoD was released when? Almost 11 years ago? A half year more or less won't kill it for me.
    I'll buy it for sure nonetheless.

    Even if I must admit that I'll purchase it more in an urge to test if the hack'n'slash genre is still appealing to me, though.
    The last game of this genre I enjoyed, was Sacred (1).
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    I try not to get too excited about games until a release date is announced (and even then there tend to be delays), doing it any other way would be excrutiating especially with D3, MoP and a new SC2 expansion being talked about at the moment. Last year was "bad" (awesome) enough with having to wait for Portal 2, Space Marine, Skyrim and all the Minecraft features that were released.

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    No. I'm still anxiously twiddling my thumbs.
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    Question back: If you could do 8 years without Diablo 3 - why the rush over 8 weeks now?

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    All right, so that last test was seriously disappointing. Apparently, being civil isn't motivating you, so let's try it her way, all right, fatty? Adopted... fatty! Fatty, fatty no parents?

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    My bet is, that as soon as you actually get a release date, your urge, will pop right back into your head.
    And no, havnt killed my urge so play the game. I've been waiting for this game a long time.

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    kinda.. ive forgotten about d3 and probly wont even check back until its actually released.. they gotta say something about a date rather than send it back another 2-3 years.

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    It was supposed to be released in the end of 2011.. So ye, canceled my order on Amazon for it. Guess I will get a second hand one later. Better for PS3. Play station releases tend to be less buggy. And we all know how Blizzard love to bug and redo everything.
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    I'd say my interest is dormant but not gone, I've kind of stopped thinking about it. I do feel kind of blueballs'd though, with the perspective '11 release then pushback and still no date...

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    I rather see that they dont set a release date too soon and can't make it. Or make it but whit an unfinished game and the whole community starts to QQ.
    But no, it has not killed my excitement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovacor View Post
    it will just be a "woo-hoo" moment.
    Yes, exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Question back: If you could do 8 years without Diablo 3 - why the rush over 8 weeks now?
    As I said it's not really rational but most of the people I know are sitting back & thinking "wow really, where is the release date!!". Trust me when I have my hands on the Game I will be jumping for joy, I guess this is just the spoiled kid coming out in me saying "I WANT IT NOW!"

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