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    I'm always seeing new information about Diablo 3 on the main pages of MMO-champ, and its all useless crap. I mean its like, blizzard, don't tell us anymore useless shit until you can tell us when the game is actually going to be released. I've lost some of my "hype" for the game, but i will still be getting it, despite blizzards "soon".

    That being said, id rather it come out fully polished and not a half made game, so i am prepared (as many of you probably are) to wait a couple more months or so. Just sick of all the useless announcements.

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    Believe this will be a great game, and willing to wait a while to let them make it as good as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddieK View Post
    Believe this will be a great game, and willing to wait a while to let them make it as good as possible
    *shakes head yes*

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    At most it's killed my hype. I'm absolutely sinking 90 euros into the CE together with my annual pass as a testimony to all my youth that was wasted on D2. I'm definitely going to play the crap out of it when I get it. But I'm not checking my bnet account regularly for access.
    The most I do is check diablofans and here for news and keep my client up to date.

    Compared to how I was back before Blizzcon and before they announced the delay, I've completely deflated. But I know it'll come back when we know the date and it'll inflate yet again as the date nears. It will explode when I obtain the game! =)

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    Been waiting years, can wait a few months more. I got the WoW annual pass so I'll get the game either way, and I have other things to keep me satisfied in the meantime. Playing WoW, playing Starcraft, looking forward to Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2. It's going to be a busy year for me gaming-wise no matter when these things are released.

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    Similar to many others, my hype is going up if anything. Blizzard never did much good with release dates, nothing's changed there. I'm not really bothered, I'm however happy they take their time so they can release to their usual great standards, rather than rush out "decent" quality".

    Of course I want to play it right now! And waiting is hard..

    But that it's taking so long only makes me more excited tbh, knowing that they refuse to release it until its absolutely perfect inevitably raises my expectations as well, though I'm sure they will meet them.
    Just like they always have, with no exceptions.

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    Has the lack of a release date killed your "urge" to play at all?

    random crap to make it long enough
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    Pretty much the same as others...I have been looking forward to 3 ever since LoD was released, and I have played blizzards games since before that and know how blizzard works... A release date is a teaser, and is usually a few years off no matter what.. Waiting another year is just gonna mean it'll come out when I get back from deployment....Not really a downside. Plus I am smart enough to realize that my anticipation for Diablo 3 will always set unrealistic expectations for the game, it's like when you constantly talk about how awesome something is, then someone goes and sees/does it and its not nearly as good as the hype.

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    no, but having Beta 3 access for 2 months of the same content is getting boring.

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    Very much so, which is sad because at one point I was very excited to play this.

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    Playing Diablo 2 naked curbs my urge to believe Diablo 3 will be a waste of money.

    God I hope they balance the classes out...
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    Yeah, kinda. I'm kind of losing my urge or at least my excitement is lessening. Same with WoW. We've heard nothing about MoP for months now, and I'm starting to be bored, logging into WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phurox View Post
    It actually has quite alot.

    Was scheduled for December 2011. Then Early 2012.

    They had trouble getting a rating for Korea. Now they did.

    Now they have no problem releasing the game. But will they? Nooo nooo.

    Milking the cow first. They are probably aiming for a % of WoW players to do the annual pass. Annual Pass should only have been a short offer. Apparently not as many as they hoped were willing to sign up for a year of WoW, and therefore they probably wait until at % has accepted it, then put out a release date.
    Enough with your conspiracy theories, you have no clue what you're rambling on about. Have you not just seen the systems change post released the other day? That means, they aren't satisfied with the design and felt it needed to be changed. Blizzard's motto has always been, "We will release it when it's done". What's so hard to understand? When the developers feel the game is completed, they will release it. Plain and simple.

    To answer the OPs question. No, I'm not affected by the lack of a release date, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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    Nope, Still waiting. Doing a new character on d2 every couple of months just because of the urge to play diablo : d

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    When Diablo 3 launches the number of people saying, "Nah, it's just 4-6 months too late! Pass!" will be miniscule.

    People are gonna buy the hell (pun intended!) out of this game regardless.

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    Stop checking up/waiting on release date religiously, just do other stuff and keep yourself busy.
    Killing overwhelming excitement or not, you WILL play it regardless once it comes out so what's the fuss?

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    The people who say 'nope, waited too long, not going to buy it now' make me laugh so hard. Yeah, good luck with your self-righteous indignation. We all know that when D3 is released you'll be first in line.

    Jay Wilson's legendary quote says it best: 'nobody remembers if a game is late, only if it's great'.

    If you're getting bothered by all the waiting, then here's a novel idea for you: stop following the game. Do something else. Unplug yourself from the fansites and just go amuse yourself with a different game while you wait. Ever heard the phrase, 'A watched kettle never boils'? Or how about the feeling that time goes slower the more you pay attention to it?

    Stop paying attention to D3. Go do something else. The time will fly by, and D3 will be here before you know it.

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    short answer: nah, not yet at least
    long answer: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, not yet at least

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