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    Hardcore Vs Softcore

    ok, so, i saw a similar post on DiabloFans, but haven't seen one on here, so i'd just like to know, will you be playing Softcore or Hardcore mostly, and why? Since i've never played a diablo game before, i'll be playing softcore first, and then giving harcore a try
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    Damn I thought this thread was about something else :L :L :L
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdruidelf View Post
    Damn I thought this thread was about something else :L :L :L
    hmm- but then the poll options remain relevant, yes? :P
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    what is the diference?
    Bad - This is a bad player, he refuses to learn how to play correctly.
    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
    Bad/Good - Measure of Skill.
    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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    I will be playing as much as I can, assuming I'm still playing wow. Im currently playing swtor in spare time, could easily fit another game in to that amount of time tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etna View Post
    what is the diference?
    hardcore = perma death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtaroth View Post
    hmm- but then the poll options remain relevant, yes? :P
    I've never played Diablo and won't buy Diablo 3, so I voted Hardcore because you said it would still be relevant.

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    Shuld have an option saying "I don't know yet" or something =P.... Coz il prolly start of soft and if the game is really really good, then il prolly drop other games just to play D3. (i have not got a beta invite so i've never actually tried D3)

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    wtf is softcore and hardcore? :P

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    Softcore = Regular Diablo 3, with RMAH. (Real Money Auction House)

    Hardcore = Permanent death and no RMAH.


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    Started D2 as softcore and after 3 months changed to hardcore. Never looked back. It is just awesome. Best "surviving" char was a Guardian at lv 92. Elemental druid. After that, gaining XP became a fulltime job so I played other chars.

    In fact, the concept carried over to WoW for me - in Classic I managed a shadowpriest to lv 48 before dying (server maintenance lag in a fight). I had a hunter that made it to 62 (ganked in Zeth gor when my pet went nuts) and a warrior made it to 67 ( a bunch of stupid elementals in Shadowmoon got me).

    However, I still have one "Undying" toon. A shaman I started in TBC. She hit 70 and 80 in the respective expansions and is currently lv 83.

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    Soft. I played both previous Diablos and then sticked to one or two classes. With Diablo3 I plan to try all available. This will keep me occupied for a long time and I won't have much time re-play one character over and over again but with higher difficulty.

    If I'm to explore the world of Sanctuary a few times I'll do it with another character.

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    Hardcore is way more fun.
    But we'll see and wait for the playerbase =P
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    Mostly softcore, i'm no patient guy and i don't want to change my monitor and keyboard so soon.
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    Hardcore won't be polluted by the cash AH so that's where I'll be.

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    I don't have enough time or the balls to play serious hardcore .

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    I certainly intend to give hardcore a go, but I'm no pro gamer, I wasn't that amazing at D2 and I know my own limitations so I probably won't be awesome at hardcore in D3 either.... so the majority of my gameplay, which will be with friends. etc will not be on hardcore.... but the concept of hardcore seems more fun to me, a lot more to lose keeps me on my toes, but if I suck at it, it's probably not going to end up being that fun :P

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    I figure I'll do both. Most likely run through on softcore to get experience with the new abilities and learn how to put together a talent build for any situation and then go back and try hardcore. I imagine if I suck enough then I won't have to invest too much time before I realize that hardcore is not for me.

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    Both, def want to get a DH and a WD to 50 on softcore first because i actually want to PvP in D3. Then i'll play PvE on hardcore mostly like i did in D2.

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    Definitely not hardcore. I like not having death be permanent... just don't have that kind of nerd rage going through my blood where I feel like I need to validate myself in a video game by being "that good"

    Can't wait to play though.

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