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    First time buyer on a gaming laptop

    Hi My budget is around 850-1000$ I want a laptop that will run on high or ultra setting. With that in mine if anyone has any good sites for laptops . I know looks dont mean anything but that would be a perk.

    I dont know much about computers so im coming here for you guys to tell me what I should be looking for in a proccesor and and Graphics card.

    Thanks MMO Forum

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    Not sure about prices in the US really, but one piece of advice I can give you is, do not buy an Alienware! They have a 20% premium just because of the name.

    I have a Dell L702x and it's a good laptop, has one of the best mobile GPU's in general circulation. I did write a quick review on it here:


    However I can't comment so much on prices as I didn't buy it I received it as a replacement.
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    You should mention which games you play.

    For example, there are no laptops on the market that can play BF3 on ultra at decent FPS in that price range. You would have to go with one of those alienware SLI beasts which are much more expensive and barely qualifies as laptop in terms of weight and size. WoW however is a different issue.

    It would help to know which size you prefer. Do you want a small (12-14"), medium (15") or large (17-18") laptop.

    For a 17" in your price range, the HP DV7t have the new lines of AMD cards, so you can get a 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7690M in it.

    They are advertised at $999.99 with

    17.3" diagonal 1600 x 900 LED display
    2GB AMD Radeon HD 7690M
    Intel Core i7-2670QM processor (2.2GHz) with Turbo Boost
    8GB DDR3 memory
    1TB hard drive
    Blu-ray player and SuperMulti DVD burner


    Those computers can usually be found at your local dealer (bestbuy, etc..) so you can go and have a look.

    Otherwise, the Envy 15" also has the Radeon 7690M in that price range.

    Since you can not change the GPU on a laptop, the best way to make the machine last for a while game-wise is to get one with the best GPU possible.
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