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    The only way I'm hyped for open beta is that start of it would mean release date to be closer. Although I wouldn't mind getting into it.
    Also I agree with some people who say to not read too much into it. They just started closed beta month ago, it will most likely last for at least few months more. "Planning phase" can mean anything, including 4-5 months before happening. It all depends how close beta tests will go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad Morbius View Post
    Although I like the idea of a nice Roasted Asura in a tangy orange sauce it has to come with a crisp green Sylvari salad!
    You could say some might actually prefer their Asura to be ... Charr broiled?

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    U won't think it's so funny when our golems stomp or ur head

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuchulainn View Post
    You could say some might actually prefer their Asura to be ... Charr broiled?
    Bahahaha that was great. Love that! However I think I'm going to be a Sylvari at first.... we'll see. Salad time! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by hailey View Post
    For those that didn't know GW1 had Open Beta weekends, where anyone could log in and play over the weekends. It was what really hooked me on the game. Hopefully this is what GW2 is planning to do, I can't imagine them straying from it since the system worked out really well with GW1.
    Yeah, we had what, five occasions to countdown servers going live from Oct 2004 to release? It was awesome.

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    The thought of we'll be closer at having a shot at GW2 is all we need to know. Personally I wouldn't mind it starting Feb 10 though it's just wishful thinking.

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    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh

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