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    yes, guild wars 2 is f2p, not free to own.

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    "Free to play" has nothing to do with the cost you pay for the game. It refers to the monthly subscription fee model vs the non monthly subscription fee model. Modern Warfare is free to play. Lord of the Rings is free to play. Warhammer is free to play. Do you get it now?

    You're right, it's not COMPLETELY free in that you do have to buy the game itself, but after that there is no sub fee, and "Free to play" in the MMO world simply means a lack of subscription fee.

    As someone said, free to play does not denote free to own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post's B2P

    1.) you buy the box
    2.) you play it

    Do you pay a monthly fee for Modern Warfare? No? It's the same here. Is MW free to play??

    there is a shop, but it's in other games too (WoW, I look at you)
    -) you can't buy better gear
    -) you can't buy stuff that makes you stronger
    -) you can buy new slots / bankspace etc.
    -) you can buy costumes

    do you get it now?
    Redundancy at its top!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    sorry, it's really frustrating, all these threads about subscription fees and the posts make me want to BREAK SOMETHING!!! Please close this thread. I hate myself for writing this again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

    some guys simply won't get it... ever
    I'm tempted to call out names, people who don't get it... the list would be full of ignorant people.
    Put yours at the top! What all these "ignorant" people mean is that there is no fixed
    costs attached to the game. You already have to buy every game. Since that's a universal standard, extra costs (subscription fees) are accounted differently and have more weight on them. That's why it's free!!!

    You didn't make the discovery of the century, nor are the others so naive!!!

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    Closing this. There's already a thread discussing this and while this one is well intentioned, it's already starting to degenerate a bit.

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