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    Now try to build some raids and ask someone to do mods with scripts x) that would be epic!

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    *** Archive Post ***

    This thread is getting kind of long, so here are the highlights:

    imgur gallery:
    minecraft forum:
    venturebeat article:

    Update, Apr 4: Added some preview screenshots of the Eastern Kingdoms:

    Update, July 7: Added a before and after gallery:


    I'm trying to create a replica of Kalimdor in Minecraft, and I want it to be the correct scale. I'd like to create the terrain first, so I need to compute the relative distances (in Minecraft blocks) between the different locations in Kalimdor.

    If a Minecraft character is approximately two blocks tall, and if we assume the male Orc model is equal in size, then how many blocks is "one yard" in WoW? Additionally, are there any addons / references for converting in-game coordinates to yards, so I can actually figure out the scale?

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    Agrif has posted a summary of the mapping process on If you haven't seen the maps yet, you should check them out:

    Also, more pics

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    Damn, you're amazing. You even changed the thread-title
    Quote Originally Posted by Genganger View Post
    Often I just open the fridge instead of turning the lights on in the kitchen. I like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramsesakama View Post
    This "]cross-post[/URL] with the thread on

    A lot of people have asked when or where they will be able to download the map. It's the most common question I get, so I know you want an answer, but I don't actually have an answer at the moment. Obviously the map is not finished yet, but I expect that the bulk of the coding and labeling to be done some time this summer (sooner rather than later). That would mean an end to the automated work, but not necessarily an end to all work on the map. Some amount of tweaking and editing in-game will probably occur afterwards.

    I want to make the map available to people in the best way possible. By putting it up on a server first, I can allow people to see the map before the manual changes are finished, which will mean people can see it sooner and can point out things that should be changed. Hosting it on a server will also allow us to implement any server-side mods to transport people between segmented regions, which might be necessary if there's no other way around the height limit.

    Ultimately, whatever lets the most people access the map is what I'm aiming for. I just don't want to put up a big download link before I'm sure it can be done without causing problems for the project as a whole.
    if you need a good plugin for the transport, like the airships, try autocraft

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    i have a question, i am currently creating a World of Warcraft server with everything in it, including the lich king fight and deathwing, so i was wondering if you could send me the programs for making this, it would be a huge help and would speed everything up, my skype is ihale13. i will give you credit for the map

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    Great Cesare's ghost, this is amazing.

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    I am impressed. Very, very impressed.

    ...and I thought my Wheat Farm that crashed servers was huge...

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    That looks amazing.

    What are you using to make the building easier?

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    have you any pictures of Ironforge yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoLLaTeRaLz View Post
    have you any pictures of Ironforge yet?
    I took these a while back

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihale13 View Post
    i have a question, i am currently creating a World of Warcraft server with everything in it, including the lich king fight and deathwing, so i was wondering if you could send me the programs for making this, it would be a huge help and would speed everything up, my skype is ihale13. i will give you credit for the map
    ahaha yeah, nice try. Get in line with the rest of us..

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    I would love to see a download link to either part of this map, or a schematic for an area. (I would love to explore Un'goro crater
    This looks awesome. I can't wait to explore everything that I missed since I stopped playing WoW. The Cata stuff looks amazing.

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    Would be really awesome to have plugins to have a full blown minecraft mmo

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    If you end up making this as an MMO Server for minecraft. I can't wait to join


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    LAst time I looked at this was a while ago. But DAMN, it is even more amazing now! Cant wait to see it when it is finished.

    And I hope you will do Pandaria after Mists comes out! Would love to see that in MC.

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    wow dont listen if people say you cant from now on coz you showed them you can!. you have got a talent for this lol. please make a download

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    Its beautiful, 24 gig mc file, wow.

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    Imagine doing this without any help from mods or other programs... That would be insane, lol.

    Oh, and by the way. It looks absolutely amazing.

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    Looks and sounds pretty F'in awesome. better than anything i could ever build

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    I'm setting a tentative release date for October 9th; the map should be available to everyone on that date, pending any last-minute delays. This should give me enough time to make the changes I need to make, and should give World of Warcraft fans a couple weeks to enjoy Mists of Pandaria, which comes out on September 25th.

    October 9th will be a beta release; I reserve the right to make changes to the map after that date. As much as is possible, I will try to release these changes in the form of a patch, which will only modify the blocks that have been updated. This means you can start working on the map as soon as it's released, without worrying about your changes being wiped out by a later update.

    The delivery method will be a 1-2GB file available via BitTorrent. It will contain highly compressed map files for Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor, plus two essential plugins for running a Bukkit server. There will be no plugin support for single-player at release. If the October 9th release goes smoothly, I plan to release Outland a month later.
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