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    Let me know if you need help extracting heightmaps from the adt files though, I'm working on a program to do it as we speak. There are some older tools that do this but they don't seem to be updated for WoW 4.x.
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    It seems like there's work being done that's already done. Mjollna has already done this and we already have a basic terrain render of Azeroth in Minecraft on the Cursecraft server. Converting WoW heights to Minecraft heights however is almost impossible and some stuff will have to be made less high (Hyjal for example will only be on a small hill at most). As soon as both me and Dinnerbone have more time we will open up the server and let people get building.

    Here's some map renders (warning: huge, might want to save as) of the generated minecraft map:
    hi there, I was wondering if it's possible to have those heightmaps (links are not working anymore)
    I am tinkering with the idea of reproducing azeroth in KSP, and I could definitely use a good heightmap as a starting point

    thanks to anyone who can help


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    some of you guys have amazing creations i saw , very nice, keep up good work.

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