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    From now I'll make Balance videos instead of Feral at my channel: Youtube

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    Just gonna post my Boomkin stream for fun.

    I stream 10 and/or 25 man raids Wed/Thurs @ 5:30 to 8:30 PST and other random times. Currently I am 2/6 Heroic. Come check out the stream and hang out!
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    might as well psot mine. PVP mostly. arena rbg random bg fun! be my guests!
    my druid Active

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    Didn't realize ter was a stream vid on the druid forums
    Posted some of my vids in the raid forum, but here you go for the druids out ter

    H stone guard 9 manned- resto pov

    H feng - resto pov

    H Gara - tank pov

    H Spirit - feral pov

    H Elegon - tank pov

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    Hey, since i been doing some recording alot of my raiding.

    this is just 1 of my vids

    Feral cat PoV for HC stone guard 25:

    go to my channel if you want to see more feral pov.

    From this upcomeing wednesday i should also be getting my stream up and running again. at

    (cant post links yet :P)

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    I think the links are in my comment? Anyways streaming heroic 25 man raiding, currently 5/6 and hopefully Will dies tonight.
    Jahlove, Troll Druid of <Huge in Japan>
    Armory | JahUI Download | Raid Livestream | Youtube

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    Was planning to do multi-pov but couldnt get hold of range pov :[
    so here is dance dance revolution heroic will

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    My name is Benskibro of Reunited (H) Emerald Dream. We are currently 6/6MSV and 2/6 HOF on 25 mans. We jst currently switched to 25 so its a transition. We still do our core 10s.

    -I play started playing a Balance Druid during the start of MOP. Im still learning along the way so any questions are welcome! I do Random streams as well so just check in the regular so just subscribe!

    Our Raid times are Tues/Wed/Thur 8-11pm Est <----

    On every 50 Subscribers im gonna Raffle a Gaming Mouse/headsets/keyboards to my followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ I am also planning on running a tutorial on Balance spec/rotation/forging/etc for all the new Balance players in MOP later on tonight after the raid.

    -live now
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  10. #90 eu outland alliance - Svea livgarde 25 man raid.
    Balanced pov - 100% swedish.

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    Guild BPEMETO 10man - Emeriss EU
    Streaming schedule :

    Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Sunday - from 20:30 to 24h - GMT+2 time - Balance Druid PoV - Shadow Priest on alt raid. - gonna be uploading videos here.
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