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    Help with HoM!

    So, i've been trying to do Hall of Monuments rewards for the special perks in GW2, and stumbled on one of them.

    I tamed the phoenix in Cantha, then death leveled him in the menagerie. I couldnt use it for the HoM, so i figured i had to get him "evolved".

    I released it to Emryd the Tamer and then went to see Wynn. When i chose to get certain evolutions for my pets, it only showed a lvl5, non death-leveled pet, and he doesn't say anything about giving him an "evolution".

    Am i missing something here? Why did my pet just reset to lvl5? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: The zaishen handlers tell me where my lvl5 pet is, and tell me that i can get my "evolved" pet by talking to Wynn. However, he doesn't give me that option
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    You probably set your HoM to account view, set it to character view and make sure you have the appropriate tapestries.

    Also releasing it is basically deleting it.

    Edit: Go death level a phoenix back to 20, not hard just need a vamp wep.

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