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    Funny but you failed in one thing, there is no American language, its English, changing some words, spelling, doesn't make it a new language But hey thanks to radio ( finally after many decades invention rightfully given to Tesla ) and Pupin ( with his inventions you have wireless transmission, well telephone, telegraph and many many more ) and dont forget that thing you called electricity ( again Tesla ).... How its stupid when you are first on the list?
    I'm well aware there in no American language, I didn't claim there was but English, the language I'm typing in, is our unofficial language. I hate to pull this card since it's tired and played out but if not for us you would be speaking in German. Awesome thanks for Tesla and Pupin... who both became American citizens... , Now how about you go take a look at that car outside and give us thanks or you know what I'm not going to point out little tidbits of info, I'm just going to leave this here so you can peruse it at you leisure and come up with a more solid argument. It's broken down into 4 easy to read pages, enjoy. Going back to looking at Facebook (American) on my PC (American) but if you need I can pull up some more facts from Wikipedia (American).

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    Besides, the internet would be nothing without the World Wide Web which was invented at CERN
    I'm not here to play the one up game I'm just trying to get this kid to realize that the US is more than just a bunch of war mongering neanderthals.
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    I think this thread has run its course. IT's gotten way off-topic, and spawned from SOPA talk anyway.

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