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    Quote Originally Posted by Glytch View Post
    i never said they were less realistic. some of the aoe based combos arent as intuitive as some combos that would be single target based
    Ah i must've misread what you put then lol
    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    Youre in the mmo forums and you find mmos boring, Im heading on over to the twilight forums to add my unecessary and shallow 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by worprz View Post
    Does anyone know if a dagger thief can throw their dagger through different fields to have healing, fire damage, ice damage etc? I am sure it does but it seems like bullets and arrows are always used in those examples.
    the projectile takes only 1 effect to the enemy

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Peters
    Every finisher can only be modified once, to avoid confusion and stacking. (Stacking was in at one time and was incredibly overpowered.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    the projectile takes only 1 effect to the enemy
    I think what he was asking is if he can do cross-profession combos with a dagger, instead of being forced to use a ranged weapon.
    I'm sure there's something. I mean, a warrior can whirlwind through some fire and become a fire tornado, I don't see why they would neglect to add anything to dagger thieves.

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    In that blog post linked above there is an example of a dagger/dagger thief finisher. Leaping death blossom through a symbol of faith removes conditions from allies near the target. It is under the cross profession combos section.

    "So what happens when a finisher meets an initiator? Here are some examples to get you excited. Use Ricochet through a Firewall to get a bouncing axe that has a chance to burn the targets it hits. Leaping Death Blossom through a Symbol of Faith will remove conditions from allies near your target. Stomp inside a Smoke Screen to cloak nearby allies. This is just a small sampling of what you can do with combos, and we leave it to you to find them all and combo to your heart’s delight."

    As for specifically throwing a dagger, I have never seen a dev talk about using the offhand dagger thrown cripple dancing dagger as a finisher, but it is possible that the skill could work through a field from what we have seen so far.

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    God i love Arenanet, that is all LOL

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