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    Signature help

    Hello, and good day.

    I was hoping a mod had a moment to answer a question for me. Before I begin let me just say that I did attempt to find out the answer to this myself, read the forum faq, and performed a web search, but could not find what I was looking for.

    I am a long time reader of MMO Champion, but untill today I never set up an account to post on the forums. While doing so today, I could not find anywhere that I could add a signature to my posts. When reading the FAQ, I clicked on the link provided and it informed me I did not possess the required permissions to add a signature.

    So my question is: Am I missing something? My wife says I can't find things right under my nose, and she knows me pretty well. Or, am I just not able to add a signature at this time because my account is very new?

    Thanks for your time, have a great weekend and all that and maybe Ill see some of you on "The Swiftsure" server.

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    Top right of the screen, under your name, click "Settings". On the left hand side go down under your "My Settings" and you should see "Edit Signature". When you make any posts after doing this there will be a tick box with "Show your signature" written next to it.

    This is of course assuming there is no post limit to edit such things.
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    Q: Why can't I post links/have a signature/send private messages?
    A: You'll need to reach a minimum of 10 posts before you're able to do any of the above, though please don't spam to 10 posts just to be able to do these things. This is set in place to help cut down on the amount of spam advertisers. If you need to talk to a moderator while still under 10 posts, you can PM Sunshine or Boubouille. (Sources: Sig1, Sig2, Sig3, Sig4, Links1, Links2, Links3, PM.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcatraz_ View Post
    10+ Post for Signatures
    Thank you for the information Alcatraz, much appreciated.

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    im currently at 11 posts and no option for a sig yet lol idk why this is bothering me so bad >.<

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    It may take a short time for your user account to be granted the appropriate privileges. Just be patient.
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