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    Hmm I've Recently been considering about returning to Warcraft This thread is kinda off putting .

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    druids used to solo heal heroic ragnaros... infact all a druid needed to do was spam wild growth pretty much to do 38,000 hps.. kinda funny how paladins are the top dog.. and druids complain.? jus quit whining now that pallys are finally balanced and let us rest in peace.

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    I pulled 40k in LFR on my HP, with Maw just stand in the back and blanket raid with HR, popping WoG on people that cant find the purple button and jeeping judge up while sitting on red buff. That's just me mashing 3 buttons while I watched Initial D on my other monitor. HR is extremely powerful and if dude is spot on keeping everything else going, I can see this. You also have to have a solid DPS team and tank on this fight.

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