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    I know the feeling, its really annoying but nothing you can do about it. The driving examiners have a set of criteria they must meet before passing you.

    When i was doing my driving tests (yes i didnt pass first time) I failed 1 because a guy cut me up on the roundabout. Technically I did nothing wrong and if it wasnt for that guy i would have passed. But because that situation occurred, despite the fact i avoided a collision he had to fail me.
    You aren't the first person I've heard with a similar story.

    Which is odd, because avoiding an accident trumps all driving regulations from a legal perspective. You would think that any measure taken to evade an accident could not cause you to fail a driving test, but in most places that just doesn't seem to be the case.
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    I have a very very very hard time believing they failed you solely for that 1 mistake.

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    I've had the luxury of being able to get quite a few hours with a driving teacher and the first thing that is drilled into you is stopping for pedestrians. No matter what or when. As soon as you see one in the neighborhood who is "trying" to cross, you stop. There's 2 ways to drive. The right way and the test way. They test way is basically: Stop for anything! I remember someone who was stuck behind a stopped car for over 20 mins. He then went past the car on the right (read "not the road") and flunked.

    I would really recommend a few hours with one of those teachers. While it's quite expensive you do actually learn some stuff (such as driving under 30 will not get you flashed when passing a red light :P).

    Most importantly, if you're in doubt, stop the car. You can only lose by driving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    I have a very very very hard time believing they failed you solely for that 1 mistake.
    why would I lie about that lol... I failed that time anyway so...

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    I nearly failed my test years ago thanks to an unfamiliar and poorly marked road. Apparently when I turned onto a road there was supposed to be a little on ramp thing, problem is the lines on the road were barely visible and I couldn't see that. The woman told me about 90% of the people they test miss that part.

    Basically, driving tests are weird and extremely picky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lollze View Post
    Didnt they teach you rule one in driving: it doesnt matter a flying fuck whats going on behind you. You are not the driver of the vehicle behind you, do not make stupid assumptions about him/her.

    Then rule 2 is: pedestrians that are crossing the road, or showing intention of crossing over, have right of passage.

    Terecht gefaalt mijn beste.
    Not true. You should always be mindful of the person/idiot driving behind you. It is your concern, just as much as what is happenning in front of you. That said, don't make asuptions about him/her, and alays assume the worst anyway, because chances are : they'll do it.

    If you can slow down safely (ie : not doing a high speed / nobody climbing into your boot) then you should always stop for a pedestrian wanting to cross on a crossing.

    Got my test first time, just show that you respect the fact that you're driving a 1.5 ton machine that can kill things, and that you understand this. Show you're sensible and you'll pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    I have a very very very hard time believing they failed you solely for that 1 mistake.
    France (so not far from Belgium) :
    Eliminatory mistakes : Ignoring a priority (be it a prio to the right, or a pedestrian).
    -Running a light.
    -Not stopping properly at a stop.
    -Not giving way.
    -Not indicating.
    -Not looking when you turn.
    -Speeding (even slightly).
    -Any driving they perceive as eratic or dangerous.

    I'll cut the list there, but it goes on. One mistake and it's : "See you next time sonny. Try to realise that driving is not a game; it actually has consequences if you muck it up."
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    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
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    Pedestrians always have the right of way.

    Even if a pedestrian crosses against the light you still have to yield...

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    It's a shitty reason for failing, however, this is one of the things you SHOULD be super aware off during a drivers test. once you got your lisence, meh! :P

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