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    Ilum PvP video: (Rep PoV) The Crucible Pits Server

    PoV view of Ruinious guild pvp side (Republic)

    PoV view of Dara Matire guild pvp side (Empire)

    Above is the video, in point of view, of the republic side on my server, The Crucible Pits. Keep in mind that this was filmed just before they shrunk down the size per server (i.e. Ilum1, Ilum2, etc) to balance the lag and fps.

    Some server information about this server. It is dominated, heavily by Sith (2:1 advantage) and has two major rival guilds on either side that some WoW gamers maybe familiar with (Ruinious and Dara Matire). For this reason, it produced some intense, massive, but also wear and tear on our computers when things get a bit overcrowded. (haha literally!!)

    I cannot say it was pleasant for my computer but this was a lot of fun, considering that both sides were willing to come out and really fight for the middle rather than camp each other's bases. However, the republic on this server is really really good, if not one of the best republic organized pvp guilds in the world. For this reason, despite sith's numbers, the republic's organized system allows it to balance itself but at times can get quite crazy when nearing each other's bases. Then again, Sith's guild pvp is really decent as well when they rack up their pvp guilds.

    Take it or leave it, this server is amazing for world pvp and soon rated rbgs for either side. If anyone feels they want an amazing pvp experience, I suggest coming onto this server and witness some long, back-n-forth pvp daily. (At times 6-10 hours a day, ilum1 server gets completely full so there's always pvp going on).

    I hope to help players that are frustrated by the imbalance or on a low pop pvp server to find a new home if they wish. Thank you for reading!

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    Updated Videos and Titles of both factions! Enjoy!

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    I forgot to update the title with Empire PoV as well. Oh well, enjoy!

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    Updated the video formats. Thanks for watching.
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