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    Disc vs Holy

    Hey im new to playing a priest and am wondering which is currently better Holy or Disc and if there is a major difference between the two specs such as one being better at AoE or such?


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    You can pretty much play whatever you want. The playstyles are very different, so be sure to try out both.
    Last I've heard, Discipline is slightly better at Single-Target Healing than Holy, but apart from that, I get the feeling they're pretty equal, which is awesome.
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    They're both viable.
    Holy is better suited for AoE healing, Disc is better suited for single target/low amount of targets. But there can be cross-over healing as well.
    Priests are a well-balanced class both in PvE and in PvP (I'd say one of the most balanced ones in the game right now -- "just right"), so almost everything goes. For optimal results you'll want to know both Holy and Disc, so you can optimize your spec for the fight at hand.

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    I would really consider them situational.

    I loved playing disc and with atonement you can get some great aoe heals, plus mana regen. It still doesn't compare to holy for AOE though.

    Recently switched to holy healing and love the changes made to chakra.

    In cases where you're going to have a ton of AOE damage it would be better to go holy, but if you're tank healing I would definitely stick with disc.

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    Disc is just as good as holy for AoE healing if you know how to time your CDs properly. The difference is holy has better burst AoE than Disc, but they are equally as good at raid healing.

    For tank healing though, Disc completely blows Holy away. It's probably safe to say Disc is the best tank healer in the game.

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    Both are equally important and viable in DS. I'd play whatever spec is more fun for you.

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    This is really that case where you have to choose by your own aethstetic preference. What do you like more? Shields and preventing damage or just healing through it. You also have an option to deal some damage while healing as discipline if you want =)

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    Both specs are fun to play so try them both, but if your raiding, hopefully you can play which ever your comfortable with. They both heal 5 mans perfectly fine, but disc is more of the absorb/tank healing spec with great dmg reduction for the raid/party and holy is more the AoE heals but using your chakra correctly you can put out decent single target heals also.

    Holy: Great aoe/decent single target

    Disc: Great Single Target/decent aoe
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    I agree with the above posts. Which ever you feel most comfortable playing as both specs work well with the current content.

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    Both specs are great, but are very different playstyle. I prefer disc by far, as i find it the most fun, but some fights i prefer playing holy due to the mechanics. This is fights like Hagara heroic fx.

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    Both the same in 10mans, but on a few fights i feel holy being better.
    Sanc+CoH+Mastery helps out on Spine and 2 healing zon'ozz i feel its better with holy.

    On 25man the AoE healing from Holy out shines Disc, but situational disc is better with pre-shielding.
    It depends mainly on the fights them self, they very equal on 10man on 25man disc is more used for pre shielding cetain fights and helping out on tank healing and stuff.

    but thats more my personal opinion but its how i see both specs atm.
    Im doing 10mans and majority of the fights we 2heal as disc/hpally en 2 fights i switch to holy which is zon'oss and spine.

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    Disc is an amazing strong spec with smite healing...
    You will not get oom and you help your raid quite abit with dps.

    In 25m and alot of healing holy comes out way better.

    Its pretty much what your raid needs and the content you are doing;
    - 10 mans and there is a shaman/druid available -> disc or if you're with a paladin -> holy
    - 25 mans in general 1 disc/1holy rocks.

    Disc used to be pretty much wack-a-mole now its all about control and timing
    Theres a good guide by indie on youtube. you might wanna find that

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