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    Did it once at about 3am with headphones on. Not really up for it again.. I sit close to a large mirror fixed to the wall in this room and whenever I get jumpy or startled I prefer to avoid looking at big mirrors (old childhood scare) and it takes me a while to calm down so I can turn off the lights and go to bed (and therfore walk by the mirror in the dark).

    I am curious as to what else happens in the comic though.
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    "She looked as if all her joints in her body had been twisted."
    "worse, her hair was a mess and sticking out to everywhere."

    How and in what universe is that worse than having all your joints twisted?

    on topic: first time i've seen it, scared the shit out of. twice

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    Based on true events.......................................

    hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahfuahefuhaefuhafhafhafhfaehefaehgeheuhueheuhahahahahroflfom ghahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

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    That was supposed to be scary?

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    Third time today and I still wet myself.

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    I don't get it. A bloody face counts as scary?

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    i read this with my headset on max volume made me jump with the 1st sound 2nd were abit disappointment but hell. it were a lovely comic

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    It's not that scary people...

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    How can it be scary if only sound makes it scary? It just catches you if you are off your guard... and then you laugh and forget it. Doubt you'll have nightmares about it though.

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    Wow okay lol, that creeped me out. I was like "stupid... stupid... stupid.. not scary... HOLY FUCK WHAT JUST HAPPEND OMG!!"
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    Mute yourself. You happen to be dumb atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSStryker View Post
    That was supposed to be scary?
    That wasn't even remotely scary. Like not even sorta, kinda scary.

    And yes, I had sound on......

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    You guys have to keep scrolling once you get to the first part =_=

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    Fuck , i even forgot i was wearing headphones, even worse, on one ear.

    It really startled me when i heard the sound coming from behind me on the left side.

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    Anybody else?

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    That was good, I liked it. The first scripted part really caught my attention as that is the first time I've seen that script before. After that, everything else was easy to expect. Also, I never believe "based on a true story" get-ups. Click the OP's link if you like things like Fatal Frame, I recommend it. Not really scary though, just a good startle. Enable scripting and keep the volume up for maximum effect.

    I liked it a lot though, if anyone else knows of more of these - respond to this post or PM me. That was neat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artem123 View Post
    You guys have to keep scrolling once you get to the first part =_=
    I did. Not scary.....

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    Hahahahahahahah reading all through these reactions =DDDDDDDD So much phun!

    Saw it a few months ago, and by just looking at the beginning of the comic I knew what it was, closed it asap and continued reading comments. There's no way I'm going to click that shit late at night after a rough day with my headphones on. No way.
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    I saw this several months ago thanks to my loving boyfriend. I scare pretty easily, he told me it wasn't going to be that scary and gave me the headphones. Needless to say I didn't sleep that night ='(
    Not gonna click on it again either.

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    not sure if like most of you are trolling?? i had no reaction to this whatsoever...just made me smile because i was thinking "lulz..people trying to scare me again!"

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    When she crawled up my screen i freaked out closed the tab and couldn't stop laughing for a good 2 mins

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