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    Watch that. Please be advised that the comic is somewhat explicit and contains REALLY scary stuff.

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    This is ooooooooold, and I'm pretty sure has been linked here before. This was going around on Facebook several months ago, at least.

    Also, it's not near as creepy if you watch it with your sound off :-)
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    wow that was messed up

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    Lol understood what it was when i read comic...

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    So I got to when the creepy lady turned around, I screamed and closed the tab.

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    I scrolled down, it scared the shit out of me.

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    When I saw it, I covered my face real quick and found the way on my keyboard to close the tab (Ctrl+W)

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    And so the battle between my curiosity and my desire to sleep tonight begins.

    I'll compromise, can someone describe for me what happens?
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    I think I was bambooseled into this earlier today. Alas, I shall not be tricked again

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    I peed and pooped... Thanks a lot.

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    Friend linked this in skype and told me to watch it. Stupid. I knew something was up.
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    i saw it earlier >.> scared me a bit
    Edit: For the most possible fun, Put on headphones / headset, Put on highest volume, And enjoy, And ofcourse zoom into the comic =)
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    Friend linked this a while back.

    NoScript saved me.

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    I shall gather the willpower to not click the link, regardless of how curious I am to know what it is.

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    I was expecting to read a regular comic, and then I got to the bottom...I want to cry ;_;

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    I scrolled down because, fuck reading.
    I screamed like a little bitch. Fuck my life.

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    Is it the comic that when you get to the bottom the chick turns around and it locks your scroll bar with a loud clicking noise that scared me more than the image?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarix View Post
    Is it the comic that when you get to the bottom the chick turns around and it locks your scroll bar with a loud clicking noise that scared me more than the image?
    Lol yes it is. I saw this in another thread today, and well scrolling down i jumped AGAIN because first time i had no sound on, this time i did. FML.
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    Nice got scared so much I had wet fart.

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    Damnit...I've seen this before and I still jumped when I scrolled down...

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