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    [A] Coalescence (25) - Kazzak - Recruiting 2/8 HC Dragon Soul (2 Days Raiding)

    Hey Everyone/Kazzak!

    Coalescence is a former top guild that was formed back in vanilla and has been with you since Molten Core. Nowadays we have a more casual approach to the game and we are currently raiding 2 nights a week. With Dragon Soul on the doorstep we decided to go back to our old ways of 25 man raiding and has been progressing steadily upwards the rankings ever since.

    Former Feats include:

    Vanilla - Naxx 40 Cleared before TBC.
    TBC - Alliance Server First kills up to Muru and ranked 27th in the world.
    Wrath - ICC HC cleared (Casual raiding of 2 days, Ranking is un-known).

    BWD/Bot/Trone - 12/13 HC - Raiding 1/2 days a week.
    Firelands 6/7 HC pre 4.3 - 5th EU Alliance 2 day raiding guild.
    Currently 2/8 HC DS - 12th in the World Alliance at 2 day raiding (Date Checked - 22/01/12).


    • We expect all applicants to have a good understanding of their class and general game mechanics. We want our raiders to strive to always try and improve regardless of what level they are currently at. We expect you to make the most out of your character in terms of enchants, gemming and specc be updated on how to best optimize those.
    • Raid preparation, Even though as a guild we provide cauldrons and feasts we still expect our raiders to come prepared on their own, i.e. Flasks, food, potions and having researched on the encounters we intend to progress on before we make our first pull.
    • Ability to listen and follow directions given through voice communications and respond if needed. You should also have a basic social understanding and know when it is alright to speak up and when it's not.
    • Ability to take constructive criticism and improve accordingly.
    • Gear is always a nice bonus but it is not a major part of your application.
    • Experience from a raiding tier at a relevant date. Killing Ulduar in 2010 does not mean you have experience in the encounter i.e. you don't have experience if you haven’t killed the encounter when it was latest content.
    • We also value socializing skills as we want our members to be a part of our long and strong community and not only log on twice a week for raiding.
    • Mature attitude.

    Raiding Hours

    Thursdays - 19.30-24.00
    Sundays - 19.30-24.00

    We expect our members to be able to attend both of these raids most of the time. Of course things may happen in real life that prevents you from joining once in a while but if you are unable to attend one of these days due to watching a football game on TV or w/e we're not interested. Our raiding schedule is already limited and we want to be able to make out the most of the time we have and therefore we need players that can raid as close to 100% as possible.

    With Dragon Soul released we are looking to progress further into Heroic Dragon Soul and increase our rankings. In doing so we are on the lookout for certain classes to bolster our setup.

    Damage Dealing classes

    Melee - (No Rogues)
    Ranged - (Prefer Mages)

    All exceptional applications will be considered no matter what class is applying.

    If this sounds that something appeals to you then please apply at
    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact an officer ingame.

    Thanks for your time and have a good day.

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