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    [A]Mythical [email protected] 7/7HC FL 8/8HC DS Recruiting

    Mythical Honour EU-Arathor is an old hardcore guild formed soon after the release of World of Warcraft.

    During its glorious past MH was well known for its outstandings PVE accomplishments reaching a glorious peak getting a 26th world kill on Al'ar in Tempest Keep and maintaining over 140 server first kills on the realm.
    With the advent of Cataclysm, we have decided to return to the game as a 10 man guild.

    Our Progress
    -T11 Normal 12/12
    Heroics BWD 6/6 TotfW 2/2 BoT 5/5
    Achieved Server First on Al'akir Nefarian Sinestra.
    -T12 Firelands Normal 7/7
    Heroics 7/7
    Achieved Server First on Ragnaros
    -T13 Dragon Soul Normal 8/8
    Heroics 8/8
    Achieved Server First on Madness
    Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider 40th

    Our raids
    We raid 5 nights per week, Sunday to Thursday. Raids start at 20:00 and will typically end at 24:00. Usually we try to finish raids by 24:00 but things can and do take longer sometimes if progress is going well.
    If progress required we may call a extra raid day on Friday.

    The ideal applicant

    Skilled: We want players who don't make mistakes. Failing that, we want people who strive to make as few as possible, and who learn from those they do make.
    While it's a plus if you can top the damage meters, it is more important to us that you don't kill yourself or others. The skill level we ask is exceptional!

    Intelligent: We want people who understand game mechanics and can contribute with ideas on boss strategies as well as on your class. We expect you to keep yourself up to date with any changes to your class.

    Determined: We want people who will do their very best to see bosses go down. We ask our members to come prepared to our raids.
    This doesn't stop at repairing and bringing consumables; we want you to be familiar with the mechanics of new encounters before coming to our raids.
    While in raid, we expect you to be fully focused on what's going on. We don't carry people, so be prepared to pull your own weight.

    Reliable: We want people who show respect to the guild. If you can't make it to a raid, we want you to let us know in advance.
    We fully understand that things come up making you unable to attend, but we do not want to sit around and wait for people who don't show up.
    You should be prepared to join at least 4 out of 5 raids and you should have a rock solid connection.

    Geared: While we value skill and experience higher than your gear, we believe that your gear says a lot about your dedication to raiding.
    We expect you to have the best gear, gems and enchants at your level of raiding.

    Beside that we ask some minor requirements.

    - Able to understand and speak the English language
    - A decent broadband connection
    - A computer that can handle the fps required for any fight

    If you believe we are a good match contact Leylou / Gylup or Rayzen in game.

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