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    Video tutorial on how to solo the molten core!

    Some people requested me to make this video on youtube. I know alot of you out there already know how to solo MC but for the people who don't i got a
    quick tutorial video up down below. Now for my english i do have an accent but i'm sure it's still understandable !

    Nerfs actually make me laugh

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    It seems informative, I can solo Molten Core bar the rock boss.

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    You need a tutorial? I just run in and AoE everything down. (Ret Paladin here)

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    Lol video guide for this? sigh.
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    This tutorial is awful. Its not only useless because every class can solo it without any problems, it also shows that you have no knowledge about this raid because you choose suboptimal routes and boss tactics.

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    thanks for this it really helped

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