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    Camera control

    I've been watching a few videos on and I can't seem to figure out exactly how the camera works. The camera is obviously not completely static behind the player, it seems to float a bit as he moves around, but at the same time he seems to be able to turn it around to look behind him and such. Could someone who has played a demo explain how it works? I'm assuming you have 'hold left click to rotate camera but not player' and 'hold right click to rotate camera and player' like in wow, but if you don't do either of those, how does the camera follow and such? There's much more movement in this game than say wow, and it seems fairly important to have good camera control. Also, when holding right click, is the camera pretty much static and your character always faces straight forward, or is the camera a bit floaty even then? I hope it's static, cause floaty could get annoying when aiming an ability heh

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    I haven't played the demo, but I can almost guarantee that there will be options to change to camera follow settings. As for what mouse button controls the camera, we can assume that it would be the same as GW1; Holding right click frees the camera to look, holding left rotates character with camera.

    Looking at those videos, it seems that the camera is set to follow the player (Stay at the player's back) unless the player controls the camera otherwise, where moving again will place the camera at the back of the character again unless the player has the camera under his control by holding the right mouse button.
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