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    Quote Originally Posted by Grable View Post
    Can't know for sure that them "aggressively ramping up the size of beta" means Open Beta though. I'd say May/June is the soonest they could release it, with September/November being the likely release timeframe.
    True, however planning an open beta doesn't take over half a year, you wouldn't even bother starting the planning stages of that until you were closer to finishing your closed beta phase, right?

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    So a Q2 release it is after all..

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    "Aggressively ramping up the size of beta" doesn't necessarily mean open beta. There are a lot of ways to interpret written words.

    I hope they do mean open beta by that!

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    Yay! Good news

    Can't wait!


    EDIT: Kind of dawned on me how far away GW2 actually is.

    You're torturing me, ANet
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    Reading this I thought of a Easter release

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    I want GW2 for my bday - May.
    Well Im not too happy (at the same time I am but still) since my gametime in wow expires in April and I really dont want to resub after that, yet still need a time sinker and I promised my guild Id stay till GW2 is out.

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    Awesome news
    As we know the open beta will be fairly short, def hoping for a summer release!

    /goes back to missions on GW1

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    Guild Wars 2 is very much on board the "Open Beta = Marketing" train. The game will be "done" by their open beta, perhaps even done for their "press beta", don't expect these phases to last long at all. If anyone not on an NDA is seeing the game, it's pretty much finished.

    There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titoselfire View Post
    why isnt this on MMO-Ch frontpage?
    This is the best news for MMO's in years!!!!
    It's WOW champion, not MMO champion That's why. Anyway ... nice to see beta announcement already ... my bet is on christmas release however.

    My part in this story has been decided. And I will play it well.

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    Actually blizzard champion, Diablo 3 gets some cover slipped in evry once in a while. They rly should live up more to their name.

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    Lets not discuss it. It has been questioned so many times. Think of it like "WoW = champion of MMO's = MMO-Champion".

    On topic:
    I really would love to get into beta. Darn it I would pay for it.
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    Back to guild wars 1 for me! It's the only game I find remotely enjoyable right now.

    Still wish I never stopped playing it 6 years ago. >_>
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    "Selected press" hopefully means that we will be getting a lot more info on the game and since they aren't known to be good beta testers but instead are there to up the hype this could mean that the game is almost launch ready. The large beta invites in March-April sound like stress tests/for advertisement purposes. I'm crossing my fingers for a late Q2/ early Q3 release + this pic is making me hopeful:

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    I jokingly tell my brother the Beta is coming in February, go to bed, and LOOK what I find when I get up!

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    Jesus, I was still hoping on an April Release but this sounds more like a September release. Damn ANet loves taking its sweet time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nektar View Post

    I remember that pic. I thought if it really could be the release date but the date did seem to be a bit too far away.
    But now it really does seem to be a possible date.
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    Let's not get our trousers off too hastily.

    Though probably carrying some truth in it, this message, I think, is purposefully written to calm the fans. It is the opiate we all need right now in order to stay interested. Not saying the announced beta tests won't be carried out as stated, but I think we should take all optimism with a pinch (or mountain) of salt.

    First of all the open beta, or near-open beta, might introduce issues they want resolved before release.
    Second, 'later this year' implies neither late this year, nor directly after beta, but that the release frame is somewhere between April and December. You know what they're like: everything must be perfect.

    That said. WOOOPIIIIIIIIEE!!
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    I'm pretty sure they released SWTOR mere weeks after the last phase of Beta testing. Why on earth would they hold out until December if the game is finished now?
    I'm going to say May hopefully, June probably, later, unfortunately.

    Been waiting since 2007, I can manage a bit more I guess.

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    my female intuition tells me that it will be a release late april/ sometime in may...

    *super hyped!!!* this year is gonna be awesoome! /)^3^(\

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