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    Soloing for Drake of the North Wind / Vortex Pinnacle?

    Any SP been able to solo this? Last time I tried, I wasn't able to get past the harder hitting trash packs.

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    It's not too hard for me getting there, using Shadowmeld and invisibility pots

    This is how i did it:
    First pack - Run through and shadowmeld
    Kill the two adds on the bridge
    Use invisibility pot to run past everything until the next bridge
    Kill these (or wait for cooldown), kill boss
    Shadowmeld through the next couple of packs and the dragon (unless you feel you can kill them quicker than waiting for the cooldown of course) and kill the easier packs
    Invis pot should be up at this point. Kill one of the patrolls near the second dragon, pop a pot and run past everything all the way to the boss pretty much.

    Boss himself falls over pretty fast and you should have no problem spamming greater heals on yourself if needed with the insane ammounts of haste you get during this fight
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    Shadowmeld is not an option for me.
    Same here. I really don't think its soloable but I haven't tried yet.

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