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    Question Druid Weapons

    Hey all just a quick question got a level 21 feral Druid but not sure what weapons do they use not sure if it's staffs maces daggers ETC hope you can help
    Many thanks

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    Staves / polearm will be your most used wep. ( unless Boa mace ) Feral wize

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    Staves and polearms. Two handers with agility are all we use for feral. Restoration and Balance can use staves with intellect, or a dagger or mace with an off-hand (also preferably with intellect.)

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    If you open your spellbook ('P' button by default) and hover your mouse over over the 'Weapon Skills' ability in your General tab, it will tell you that we druids can use:
    Fist Weapons

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