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    I empathize with this for sure. While heights or anything of the sort doesn't bother me at all, I've always gotten very uncomfortable and on edge when a video game makes me go in the deep sea. No I don't mean like Vash'r that didn't bother me much at all (well at least until I went to try and find Ghostcrawler and that big ass elite thing crept up on me lol), but I mean games that make the water VERY dark and hard to see past `20ft past your character. I have a somewhat fear of the deep sea and all the 'unknown' fishes/creatures down there I guess you could say and I have noticed throughout my life that fear be translated into video games.
    Spine gave me shivers a bit once or twice but that has passed. Yes, I'm scared of heights.

    To those saying you can't be scared of pixels: you've never been frightened by a horror movie/game? Your brain doesn't work that way, its very visually driven. Pixels are convincing!
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    never had a issue with any of that stuff. Although i do get that weird feeling in my stomach when i jump off of something high

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    I can't say I really have any phobias, but questing past midnight in Duskwood as a lvl 20-odd Alliance characters, plus the fact that it is actually hard (or at least it used to be pre-cata, haven't been there yet this expansion) still proves to be one of my most unnerving WoW experiences. The eternal darkness, the ghouls, the worgen, and the entire mystery around that place, if you know the lore. Spooky stuff all year round, never mind Hallow's End!

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    I personally have a bit of a scare of heights and hate planes. But I don't have any problem with that in WoW whatsoever. Its a game, fake, you don't crap your pants when you see an undead/dead body in WoW right? But you probably would when you saw it IRL. xD
    I think you and many others are still confused about the difference between a fear and a phobia. You can fear zombies, but it pales in comparison to a phobia of them. In a phobia you cannot look at them on screen for more than a few seconds and will then constantly be paranoid by the idea that there are zombies around every corner and in your dreams for the next few days. (As always there are different levels of phobia, I can only speak from the experience of my phobia.)

    There's just this urge inside you screaming to run away, far away. No matter how gently you introduced a picture of a snake in a book to me, my heart rate would increase, so much so that I can feel it, and the adrenaline kicks in. My body is fully ready to run far away.
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    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    I think the whole irrational fear thing explains it. It's irrational, it doesn't make sense.

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