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    Lack of Respect

    I say this while being a longtime user of MMO champion and it's forums. I appreciate the hardwork they put into the site and the moderating that happens..but it seems to me that Guild Wars 2 has really lacked the respect it deserves from MMO-Champion.

    I realize it is your website and you can put whatever you'd like on the front page, and I realize that as of now GW2 only has a subforum with the likes of Skyrim and Battlefield, but I ask this question: Does GW2 not deserve respect from you, MMO-Champion, as a competitive MMO?

    Announcements are never on the front page for this game, even the announcement of a Beta finally coming has gone unnoticed to the site. Add that to the fact that there's only a subforum, I am confused as to why this site isn't called WoW-Champion. And by all means, if that is your intent there is NO problem with it! I feel like MMO-Champion could help promote this game in ways not a lot of other sites can.

    Even when I quit WoW I would come to this site every now and again just to see what was going on. So imagine my delight when I see another game on the front page being highlighted for once, and what's that? It's an MMO? Sweet! Maybe I might give it a try.

    I see no harm in a little publicity from the MMO-Champion Website.

    Much Respect and I appreciate any opinions and discussions on the topic.

    P.S. Cheers to the Beta announcement! Just a tad closer!
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    Its a WoW site above all else despite the name has been mentioned multiple times as well isn't a secret.

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    guild wars isn't an mmo anyway its a cooperative online rpg. and the title of the website is mmochampion. its referring to world of warcraft; the champion of all current mmos

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    MMO-Champion is still primarily a WoW fansite and will probably remain that way for the forseeable future. The broadening of the video-game forums is great because the community that started here has evolved and is now a part of other games, but wants to stay together. They might highlight big announcements from other major MMO's from time to time, but for the time being, that's about all the coverage that non-WoW games will get. The sub-forums are a great place for news about specific games though

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