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    It's a break from the gritty grimdark shit that's populating the market
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    Now...I am pretty sure that this game actually is a kids game, however I also remember really REALLY loving it, both the visuals and the feel of the game.
    The game I'm talking about? Kameo - Elements of Power!

    Kids game or not, at least it should provide you with a fun, uplifting and visually esthetic experience
    However, I believe it was only released for the Xbox 360? Yeah, it was.

    Video showing how the game looks (however this video doesn't really try to show how fun the game is) :

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    Harvest Moon is great and relaxing to play. Animal Parade for the Wii is pretty good, if you can find any others on the Wii virtual console (my personal favorite is Harvest Moon 64) Pick it up.

    The premise sounds boring, but it's one of those games that are extremely addicting.

    I'd also recommend Kirby series. Return to Dreamland for the Wii is really good.
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    Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
    Conker's Bad Fur Day

    I guarantee you'll feel less depressed after playing those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeast View Post
    I would've recommended that, except that it has a really dark story.
    That's true, but I felt really, really good after finishing it. The way I'd feel after finishing a Megaman X game back in the day, or something. It was like a breath of fresh air. I played the game myself when I was feeling pretty down, and it helped me out.

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    Hands down best PS2 game I have EVER played, or seen!
    its a english JRPG holy fuck the game is long with tonnes of anime!

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    Terraria is a fun game.

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    Do you have an iPhone? I'm become addicted to "Hero Academy". It's a free download, cartoonish graphics, gameplay with roots in chess.

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    Dark cloud 2 amazing game exactly what you might be looking for.
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    Super Meat Boy, as long as you don't get mad for failing so many times on a single level

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    Have a look see if there's anything you like

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    Amnesia, the Dark Descent.

    Actually, if you want an online game, check out Wakfu, currently in open beta.

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    pikmin all the way if you can find it for the gcube.

    I'm not sure if portal 1 and 2 count as happy and uplifting but I had some serious fun playing those two games. Though as others have mentioned, pokemon games are always a good way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadHawke View Post
    Amnesia, the Dark Descent.

    Actually, if you want an online game, check out Wakfu, currently in open beta.
    lul, good game but that will make the OP more depressed.

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    Try Braid, really relaxing game with a great story, just don't look at guides or you might learn the more sinister side.
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    one of the best uplifting games i ever played was pretty kiddy BUT the hilarity always makes me feel better its called Tail Concerto was easy but had a decent plot a bit of anime but overall uplifting and enjoyable you'd have to emulate it tho it was for the PS1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majik8ball View Post
    Hey everyone, I have been feeling a little depressed lately, and I recently read an IGN article about "gaming new years resolutions." One of them was to play a game with a cute/fun visual style over the really gritty, lifelike graphics of most games. I thought this would be just what I needed to get me out of this funk. I was hoping for a good game with a "cute" art style, but I really don't want it to be a kid's game. an example I was thinking of is Zelda: Wind Waker. (Please do not suggest anything either gross, "overly-idiotic", or pointless.)

    Also I only have a Wii & a PC, so PS3/Xbox 360 exclusives are a no-go

    As for wii-games the super mario game where you can play 4 players is much fun, even better if you have 1 or more friends to play it with.
    I can also recommend the new Donkey Kong that came last year.
    I don't know if the new Kirby game has been released yet but that one looks like a pretty "happy" game with lots of colours and also looks awesome.

    Hope this helps!

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    If you don't mind rhythm games I'd recommend Sequence. It's a rhythm/rpg hybrid (sounds weird, but it actually works very well), and the humor is really great. Always makes me laugh. It's not all cute/childish, but even the darker parts are done with so much humor that it just makes me happy.

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    Bastion was one of the best games of last year imo, and it kinda fits what you're looking for, tho it is a bit of a dark story, it's one of those silver lining kind of games

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    Check out any number of free flash games websites, those places typically have lots of simple cute cheerful games.

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