View Poll Results: Which class has the best set of companions?

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  • Trooper

    15 6.67%
  • Bounty Hunter

    57 25.33%
  • Smuggler

    10 4.44%
  • Imperial Agent

    34 15.11%
  • Sith Warrior

    64 28.44%
  • Jedi Knight

    18 8.00%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    21 9.33%
  • Jedi Consular

    6 2.67%
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    Bounty Hunter.

    Unfortunately it is through companions, their abilities and their acquisition rate where we clearly see that Bioware did not originally intend this game to be a MMO. It has all the hallmarks of a single player game. In a MMO companions would have similar traits for mirrored classes and acquisition would be at a similar rate. The Republic seems to get more companions early on, Jedi Knights the fastest for their true second companion.

    I voted BH simply because its a full blow healer that really works.
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    I will not be saying Smuggler - though we have a Wookie.

    Corso Riggs, the farm boy vanguard is on an intelligence level of Forrest Gump.
    When reasonably geared is that bad as a tank.

    Bowdaar, unfortunately disappointing. Looks and sounds great but cant DPS or tank. Has a wookie throw ability where he throws an enemy mob at the nearest un-aggroed group....F ile under guy to do scavenging missions.

    Risha, Apparently there is some gear in game that makes her look like Lara Croft. I cant find it. Her DPS is ok, but not many fights where you can use her.

    Akivvi Spar. I dont see the point. She hates the republic, and complains at everything. Hardly any choices seem to give her approval, unless you are a total bastard.
    Why a Mandalorian would hang out with a light side smuggler, I dont know. Another one to file under crafting missions, though she might look interesting in Nar Shadda slave gear.

    Guus Tuno... A Mon Calamari who thinks he is a Jedi. Doesnt say 'Its a Trap' which is most disappointing. Otherwise a reasonably useful healer and has a short CC.
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    I don't hate T7 because he's a droid. he's just uninteresting and boring. M1-4X and SCORPIO even are droids done right. they have personalities and are interesting. some might say T7 does, but to me he's just a beeping bland trash can. at least JK's get Kira early so I don't have to use the trash can.

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    My main's a consular, but I've had exposure to a few other class companions, namely SW, JK, and Trooper. I have to say the best for JC was probably Tharan, not the most likable, but the most interesting. Most likable goes to Nadia Grell, though her romance was boring. Best over all companions I;d say goes to JK.
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    I'll assume sith warrior only because you have all been playing sith warriors. Instead I'd have to say Bounty Hunter. Mako is great if you want to do Light Side since she'll love that. They also recieve Blizz who is a Jawa. Gault has those cool horns, and Skadg is a cool body type 4.

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    Consular's companions were pretty underwhelming. With biochem being my crewskill, I had next to nothing for bonuses.

    Qyzen wasn't that great. His missions were alright and somewhat interesting but as far as combat goes he is pretty bad. Maybe better now that you can toggle off skills and they stay off. Needs to be more weapons for him ingame (or just scrap his weapon type completely). His companion missions were pretty cool and interesting though.

    Tharan was creepy. His affection conversations were completely boring. His healing was lackluster to say the least.

    Iresso didn't really work for me as a Sage. I want all the mobs to stay grouped together, and since he was a ranged tank alot of pulls would inevitably end up with the ranged mobs and melee mobs in two different places. His charge thing somewhat worked at keeping them together, but not always. His affection conversations were somewhat interesting to me.

    Nadia Grell was alright. Her romance was bad, I probably would have shot her down if it wasn't for the fact I wanted the affection to max it. Combat she sucks because the game hates melee. Her only saving grace is that she wears the same type of armor as me, so she is insanely geared from all the doubles I've gotten in PvP and PvE.

    Zenith is a badass. With some gear his DPS is outstanding, plus he's ranged which makes it all the better. His robotic monologue in conversations are a bit odd, even though that's his persona.

    I want to throw C2-N2 in a volcano.

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    Jedi Knight gets 2 force users. seems pretty clear to me who wins!

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    i like the looks of the bounty hunters companions but im really freaked out how sith warriors have highest votes, even though i play one the companions seem quite dull exept broonmark ! it seems there all humans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenblade View Post
    IA gets some fairly creepy companions an anarchist, a lycanthrope,a hive mind speaker, an untrained secret Force user,an ancient shady droid. They will all make sure that you are not mentally sane anymore by the end of your storyline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumocolor View Post
    Come on you can't beat a frigging JAWA!!!

    I laugh every single time he or any Jawa says anything. Personal second best for me has to be M1-4X simply because he and my commando kicked the crap out of a lot of stuff (including soloing some 4+ quests) in beta.
    Yea it sucks but Blizz is really bad at actually fighting anything though I think it is more problem with tank companionsin general, they are not much "tankier" than DPS companions and do way less damage. Kinda sucks for both BH and the mirror class trooper because Forex would be such an awesome companion to run around with.

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    Sith Warriors have awesome companions my favourite one is Jaesa Willsam her story line is pretty awesome when she joins the Dark Side

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    My main is a smuggler. My favorite to least favorite likely goes: Risha, Akaavi, Bowdaar, Guss, Corso, C2N2. I really like the voice acting for Risha; for some reason I find the voice really interesting.

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    I feel like the only reasons SW is winning is because everyone and their mother rolled SW, coupled with the fact that people are in love with Vette. Similarly it seems that all the BH votes come down to, "omg jawa."

    Going to have to go with IA on this one just because they're the only class I've played with 5 unique and interesting companions, no duds like Torian or Andronikos who just seem to be there to satisfy the female romance requirement. I guess I could see the complaint being made that the sense of camaraderie isn't there with the agent companions since it seems like everyone except Vector and Temple would sell you into slavery/slit your throat when they got the chance, but it certainly has made for the most interesting story so far with as varied as the companions are. If you're just into being worshiped by everyone on your ship then I guess SW is the clear winner, but I much prefer a diverse crew who have their own secret agendas with room for story expansion in future patches.

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    In terms of usefulness: Agent. Doctor Jekyll (uh, sorry, "Doctor Lokin") has Mako's heals and special Rakghoul DPS mode for lulz. I wish you got him before level 35, because I was so tired of seeing "Kaliyo has died" and kiting the last 20% of every last elite fight.
    In terms of stories: Agent, followed by Jedi Knight or Smuggler. I love the back-stories of every Agent minion. Though I guess Kaliyo is less cool than the rest.
    In terms of best minion personality: Bounty Hunter. Nothing beats an enthusiastic, ADHD Jawa. I really wish he was more useful. (Honorable mention to Corso Riggs because I laugh hysterically any time he talks...just stick a wool hat on him and change his name to "Jayne")

    Stupidest story: T-rex Man, the first Jedi Consular minion. "Hi, me lizard man! Join u?" "Uhhh ok". Wtf? Which developer's 8-year-old kid wrote this simplistic crap for 3rd grade share hour?
    Most annoying: Gault. FUCK. Why CAN'T we leave him on Tattooine to die? If I knew this guy in real life I'd punch his face in, and I'm not exactly violent.

    (edit) What's with the Vette love? I found her tedious and of limited use.
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    Blizz alone brings in the win for the Bounty Hunter. Mako and Gault are awesome also.

    Sith Warriors seem to have some very good companions as well, though I've not played one so I can't vouch for this. I'm liking the Jedi Knight companions so far (T7 and Kira), I also think its quite crazy that you get Your second companion on Coruscant for this class. You can spam slicing missions with 2 comps non stop if you take it and become filthy rich.

    Inquisitors on the other hand... There's one companion out of the five I find somewhat cool and that is Xalek. The rest either annoy me or are simply mediocre.
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    Dunno why SW is popular, only Jaessa is good, Vette is too annoying, Quinn is no-no, and the others may as well not exist.

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