View Poll Results: Which class has the best set of companions?

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  • Trooper

    15 6.67%
  • Bounty Hunter

    57 25.33%
  • Smuggler

    10 4.44%
  • Imperial Agent

    34 15.11%
  • Sith Warrior

    64 28.44%
  • Jedi Knight

    18 8.00%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    21 9.33%
  • Jedi Consular

    6 2.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeli View Post
    I never levelled with him since I was a tank while levelling, but I'm levelling another one just because I want to run around with him, he is absolutely hilarious. I voted Trooper for M1-4X alone.
    I feel like he's gonna start pulling lines from Captain America. I'm pretty sure the guy who does the voice acting for him has done lots of TV/Movie ads too.


    Ok he's done everything. Ever.

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    Had to vote Bounty Hunter.. Having a companion voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch is just too great. /fangirlsqeual

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    I like all my Agent Companions, but my Fav is Doctor Lokin, followed by Kaliyo , Temple , Scropio , Vector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenblade View Post
    IA gets some fairly creepy companions an anarchist, a lycanthrope,a hive mind speaker, an untrained secret Force user,an ancient shady droid. They will all make sure that you are not mentally sane anymore by the end of your storyline.
    So much this
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    Of the 4 I've played (consular, sith warrior, bounty hunter, agent) I have to say the agent has the best companions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispin View Post
    Well, I've only experienced 2 sets so far, SW and SI, and to me the SW companions are far superior to the SI.

    The SW companions makes sense, a Slave an officer a Jedi and a troper kinda guy.

    At the same time, the SI get's the horrible Khem monster, who I would have sent out the airlock if I could, for blocking my view so often, a Pirate....? and some Teenage wannabe Jedi, that's the current companions I've gotten for thoose classes so far.

    Heck I prefere my SI over my SW for gameplay, but the SW story and sidekicks are just better by far.
    I love Khem. He's amazing. Don't you dare call him horrible. Wasn't a fan of the pirate, but I really liked the last two (especially the last guy).

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    IA has some weird, WEIRD, companions.

    First we get a bald chick who is a compulsive liar and manipulator. And downright anarchistic, and she's one of the normal ones!
    Then we get an Imperial Diplomat who has joined the hive mind of a giant ant civilization. With freaky eyes and everything! And he talks about things he sees, smells and hears. Honestly i think he's on acid most of the time.
    Then we get a Doctor, another from Imperial Inteligence. And he seems pretty normal and all UNTIL YOU CATCH HIM FEASTING ON THE REMAINS OF A HUMAN AS A FREAKING RAKGHOUL. Hes a were-rakghoul!
    Then we get perhaps our most normal companion. A low member of the imperial militairy who is secretly force sensitive. And she desperately wants to be cool like you.
    And last, but not least. An Ancient droid who delights in killing and learning new ways to kill. Completely devoid of sympathy, the only reason she hasnt killed you in your sleep yet with a toaster is some restraining bolt. And she's trying hard to bypass it.

    And this is all put on the same ship. If this was real life you'd have all major networks fight eachother over who gets to put this on the air.

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    Bounty Hunter. They get a Jawwa! :} And your first companion has the voice of Amy Wong from Futurama, so that's always fun to listen to.

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    Bowdarr is the best companion in the game. Too bad the rest of the smuggler ones are so bad

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    I liked jedi consular ones thus far only seen bh and jc though, so I may be biased!

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    Bounty Hunter because of Blizz. Too awesome.

    Can not stand the whistling trash can robots.

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    IA Compagnions are best in my opinion.

    Kaliyo - She just loves to blow stuff up ans beat the shit out of people
    Vector - Superintelligent and polite Hive-mind-guy
    Doctor Lokin - Yeah... the Doctor is in the house...
    Raina Temple - Just really cute and seems to have some really interesting story
    SCORPIO - as allready said HK-47 in female and a super sexy voice

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    Bounty Hunter imo

    Blizz <3
    Mako <3
    Torian is a bit boring, but I loved Gault's story and how you end up with him as companion.

    I havbe met skadge and he looks like he will be a fun guy to have around :uhoh: only just got to belsavis and had our first meeting

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    Bounty Hunters get a Jawa nuff said!

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    Bounty Hunter for Blizz.

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    I would have voted for BH just for blizz, but hes so squishy! BUFF BLIZZ!!!!!

    Voted SW cause i <3 vette and broonmark, even if broonmark is so useless for a tank to have as a companion :\ he gets all my old gear and outgears half the server lol.

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    Come on you can't beat a frigging JAWA!!!

    I laugh every single time he or any Jawa says anything. Personal second best for me has to be M1-4X simply because he and my commando kicked the crap out of a lot of stuff (including soloing some 4+ quests) in beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maes View Post
    I would have voted for BH just for blizz, but hes so squishy! BUFF BLIZZ!!!!!

    Voted SW cause i <3 vette and broonmark, even if broonmark is so useless for a tank to have as a companion :\ he gets all my old gear and outgears half the server lol.
    If you gear him he's not so squishy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogdieb View Post
    If you gear him he's not so squishy.
    On my bh alt (like lvl 44 now i think) i tried using blizz as soon as i got him, completely unusable, died faster than torian does and hes a dpser. When I got skadge he was usable as soon as I got him, takes alot less damage than poor little blizz :\ both in starter gear as soon as I got them. best comparison I could reasonably do on a non lvl capped alt.

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