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    Why level 80?

    So pretty much as the title asks, why do you think they decided to make the starting level cap so high? It seems like 50-60 would be a much better place to begin so when they release expansions with level cap increases it won't seem like such a long task. I understand leveling in GW2 is going to be a very new and fresh take on the leveling process, but it does seem a bit daunting.

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    Are you really judging the leveling process by an arbitrary number? We have no idea how leveling will actually work. You might get five levels from a dynamic event for all we know.

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    possibly to get a lot of story in it. also, what may be 80 levels in GW2 will pass as fast as 50-60 lvls in WoW (speculation).

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    The amount of xp it takes to level starts to level out somewhere down the later levels. Maybe like level 25 or so? Just throwing a number out there. So the amount of xp it takes to level from 75 to 76 will be the same as it takes to level from say 35 to 36.
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    Seems like a long run, but we don't know for sure yet, so why worrying about it now?
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    Because Flat leveling curve is flat. I dont have the link to the graph but im sure its in one of the stickies.

    Basically after level 10 or so instead of it taking longer to reach each level it will take the same amount per lvl to lvl so lvling from 20 to 21 will take the same time as 79 to 80. This is done because there is probably so much content out their and they didnt want it to seem like you were stuck on a level forever without seeing some sort of stat increase.

    I dont know if they will increase the level cap for expansions i mean content already scales up and down, might as well keep max level at 80 and just add more classes/races and more skills and weapons into the game to along with new continents to keep content fresh. No need to increase level cap at all.

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    (I hope a not too big) picture:

    Also like other said 'level 80' says nothing in terms of time, e.g. 80 times 30 minutes is exactly the same as 60 times 40 minutes.

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    Also keep in mind, this is not your typical MMO. The leveling process might be more fun and feel like a less of a grind. Leveling should be part of the game, and I am actually very excited for this new approach. The content in lower levels should be comparable to end game to help you actually enjoy it.
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    You have to remember Gw2 isn't your standard mmo, your not leveling to 80 just to have to grind and raid. But rather Explore the world around you and interact with your community while having tons of fun. It isn't a competition but rather a World of enjoyment.

    I imagine Expansion will ad depth to the world rather then leveling caps.

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    At one point the devs said each level would only take about 90 minutes.

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    Leveling in GW1 was utterly trivial. As you hit cap 1/20th of the way into the game. It might be that in GW2, the process of leveling will also be quick. So while there are 80 levels, maybe it's a week at most to reach cap. Can't say yet, but we do know level differences aren't quite as big a deal as in other games.

    Also games are trending away from long leveling cycles. So I don't think GW2 will be very regressive if the information we have holds true on release.

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    Curious, has Anet said that level cap will increase with expansions as the OP suggests?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armond View Post
    Are you really judging the leveling process by an arbitrary number? We have no idea how leveling will actually work. You might get five levels from a dynamic event for all we know.
    I don't think he's "judging the leveling process," and I actually agree with the OP. It's a strange number to pick IMO, and I've thought so from the beginning. Fun fact: initially they were going to remove levels completely. Maybe by using such a high number they thought there would be less of an importance placed on your level, or maybe it just turned out that 80 levels was the best way to balance and scale skill/stat progression... not sure, whatever, it really doesn't matter all that much.

    Quote Originally Posted by gabbsson View Post
    Curious, has Anet said that level cap will increase with expansions as the OP suggests?
    I don't think we have an answer to that yet. I've seen quite a few discussions about inevitable power creep (most noticeable in Nightfall/EotN in GW1) or making content obsolete (/not obsolete thanks to scaling), spreading out the playerbase, etc.

    On the one hand I feel like it won't increase like in GW1, but on the other I think they left it open for it with the sidekicking/scaling system and transmutation stones. Hell, maybe they picked 80 levels because they have a rough outline for 4 expansions to get us to level 100.
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    Oh yeah, who ever said the level cap will increase?

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    I think Guild Wars is not so much end-game focused as other games, so more levels is better, right?

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    With scaling and sidekicking, levels are really irrelevant.

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    Level cap was much better at 20.

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    It's funny how numbers means so much to people, and still they hate math!

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    chances are expansion 1 will look like: Elona, go kill kralkatorrik, max level 80
    expansion 2: cantha, go kill bubbles, max level 80
    expansion 3: far shiverpeaks, go kill jormag, max level 80
    expansion 4: back to the depths, go kill primordious, max level 80

    in GW1 it was prophecies: tyria(kryta/ascalon), go stop badguys, max level 20
    factions: cantha, go kill Shiro, slaughter as many tree-mo's as you possibly can, max level 20
    nightfall: elona, go stop the nightfall, max level 20
    GWEN: go to the depths of tyria, kill great destroyer, max level 20

    starting to see a pattern with the levels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexify View Post
    Level cap was much better at 20.
    this i must agree on
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