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    Rebuilding my computer- Infinite restarts now

    So my mobo(I believe anyways) died, and I just got a replacement today. Here's my parts, I'm just wonder if the added pci wireless network card is too much drain on the psu, and if that caused my motherboard to die before.

    Windows 7
    Nvidia Gt GeForce GTX 560ti
    Cooler Master Hyper 212
    Gigabyte Intel z68
    G.Skill Ripjawseries 4GB
    Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt plus

    in a gamma series atx mid tower case.

    Also, since I'm just replacing the motherboard, all my settings etc are still intact on the hard drive right?


    edit: The whole build (minus the wireless pci card) was working several days ago. In only stopped working when I tried to put the new card in, so I'm trying to avoid it crapping out on me again.
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    Assuming you have a 7200RPM HDD and a DVD-RW DVDD, that set up needs ~480 watts of power, the extra PCIe card could have stressed the PSU, and it's cutting off.

    Get a 650-750W PSU, that's what I think.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I do have a 7200 RPM HDD and DVD-Rw drive. Sorry for the second question, but just for future reference, would resetting the cmos with the battery have allowed me to use the computer again? It wouldn't turn on after I took the card out, and took it apart before I learned about resetting the cmos.

    edit: Just searched amazon, found

    think that would work? is the price good (95$).

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    Anyone think that power supply is compatible, and a decent deal?

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    Thats a decent power supply. Way better than the cx 600 you had.
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    Alright, one last question. Just for future reference, say it was too much drain on the psu, would I have had to reset the cmos in order to get the thing to power back on? I was rash at the time and only took out the card itself before trying to power it on, and had no luck.

    Sorry for all the questions.

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    Alright I'm back. I just re-assmbled everything and got power. Cd drive was functioning, fans on GPU, cpu cooler, and case all came on and lights came on on the motherboard. However, I got no video signal the computer would restart after about 10 seconds, as if it were looking for something. What do you guys think is my issue now? I tried sticking the videocard in the other pci slot, but it didn't work.

    edit again: Another question (sorry for all of them). After getting my new motherboard should I have taken off and re-applied thermal paste to the heatsink/cpu contact area? The computer less than a month old.
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