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    4.3.2 not today (exactly on EU)

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    Can someone please tell Pico (Pica?) to MOVE HER ARMS! Its just weird watching her read the news. Its like she is paralyzed or something. She could be much more interesting if they would either tell her to use her arms and hands to be more expressive or just remove the lower half of her body from the video so we just don't see her there being limp

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolo855 View Post
    Maybe it's the right time to drop a legendary in our bags so we (hunters) start playing more or get taken in raids more
    They should buff passive focus regen, and reduce active (cobra/steady) regen. They should stop over-nerfing coefficients to our signature shots, and then later bandaid fixing us by adding AP to Aspect of the Hawk. We are increasingly penalized for utilizing Aspect of the Fox to the point where it isn't even really worth it on heavy movement fights.

    If Kill Shot is going to cost no focus, it may as well be off the GCD. Right now, especially if you have it glyphed, it is very disruptive in the <20% phase.

    They should buff our ranged weapon damage for the remainder of the tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggasson View Post
    Hunter at the bottom? really? Then why is my hunter friend and i at the top dps in our guild when we do madness :P? Can be because its normal but still! Warriors and Hunters 4life!
    I'm going to take a wild guess at this one and say your guildies are bad players. The hunter and yourself, to a much lesser extent, suck a little less and top the charts for that reason alone.

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    Is there any chanse we could see that madness graph split up into roles? i wonder thinks like the priest are they all shadow or healing etc

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    Lol, poor hunters.

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    Guess the real problem delaying the patch is the need to solve the RAOV god mode + item duplication exploit .

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    i don't think that hunters have issues in this fight. they don't have any serious inconviniences and they can provide good dps in any situation. it would be way more interesting to look at spine, that's where classes are being stacked, and hunters are sat. their low representation is probably due to their lower gear standards, as all guilds tackling spine need to equip the dps who are present there first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    Lol, poor hunters.
    hahaha, not surprised.

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    Ahh, lovely. People judging class balance based on one encounter which only 100 guilds have killed. <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Ahh, lovely. People judging class balance based on one encounter which only 100 guilds have killed. <3
    I got to agree this fellow has a point <3

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    Funny. First comment I saw was "Nerf Shamans." Couldn't help remembering a post after the first Heroic Rag kill. Something to the effect of "why were there no Shamans in the world first heroic Rag kill?" Looks like they got them dialed back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Ahh, lovely. People judging class balance based on one encounter which only 100 guilds have killed. <3
    Hunter DPS is low compared to melee, period. Hunter DPS is also lower than mages and multi-dotting casters, and any legendary caster.

    Getting the additional 10% AP that melee got would do a lot to alleviate this among other changes. Hunters are the only class with a small resource pool both an inadequate passive resource regen rate. This combined with Aspect of the Fox is extremely detrimental on high movement fights.

    Just look at this:

    Ultraxion 25H...

    The top hunter spec (survival) is behind the top spec of every other DPS class except druids. And in the case of feral druids that is ONLY because they can't shred on Ultraxion. Marksman and Beast Mastery are predictably dead last.

    Look at how bad hunters are for Blackhorn:

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    For all the people going "Lol can't compare hunters to classes with more than 1 spec", sure you can. My *alt* resto druid has a 395 main resto spec and a 392 off boomkin spec, making it perfectly viable for heroic dragon soul, no matter which of the two roles. So mains should be more than able to do that.
    Besides, hi 10.57% rogue and 9.8% mage representation.

    And just to clarify - there's actually only two encounters hunters does well on at the moment, and that is Hagara, and *drumroll* Madness. Due to the way Spellweave works with dots, and serpent spread works for a surv hunter, we can get completly incredible burst on the adds, making the P2 burst quite trivial, and the P1 burst... Well, was never a problem anyway I guess.
    But point being, hunters are GOOD on this fight. I mean, the one out of two things our deterrence can block is the elementium bolt, for crying out loud...
    Yet, we have the lowest representation by far.

    And for the ones saying "Lol chill, less than 100 guilds killed the encounter" - SO WHAT, really. I don't care how many guilds have killed it, hunters are so bad that the hunters from the best guilds in the world are not being brought in. Mind you, by proxy, that would mean that some of the best hunters in the world are either playing alts on those encounters, or being sat, due to their class - because they didn't suddenly lose all their "skill" from T11-12.

    Although, in the end, I'm much more interested in Spine - is there any chance we could have a "class breakdown" for spine heroic, just to see HOW bad the class stacking actually is? I mean, I *know* it's bad. But just to get a view of it. According to WoL, 32 hunters has killed it in 10 man (which is much more leniently tuned), and 26 have killed it in 25 man, according to public WOL's.
    There's been 130 10 man heroic kills, and 128 25 man heroic kills.
    Isn't that just a little disturbing? Less than 25% of the kills have had hunters in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oricc View Post
    wow hunters are lowest represented in PvE and PvP? what a surprise...
    That chart is terrible. Hunters are the lowest because they've 1 viable specc for that fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    That chart is terrible. Hunters are the lowest because they've 1 viable specc for that fight.
    What? No, they're the lowest because they do awful DPS in PvE currently, so nobody would bring them to tough fights if they can help it. Guilds have stopped recruiting them and gearing them up. Even if they're good on Madness itself, guilds don't have geared hunters to bring in.

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    I'd like to see the statistics of the individual specs instead of just the classes.

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    Hunters are actually not bad for Madness heroic. The thing is, most guilds had to stack rogues and mages for spine, so why not use them on madness, since they DESTROY on that fight too? Sit the hunter again. My guild (Pie Chart - US Firetree) killed spine without many mages and rogues (2 and 3 respectively) so we didn't have many classes, so I was also brought for Madness.I wish you did that chart for Spine Heroic instead (and possibly a chart for the guild's first kill only). That would REALLY be the interesting to see the number of rogues / mages / hunters in it.

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    i'm pretty sure with the impending nerf hunters will get more time

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    well, there a maintenance going today on us realms (it was planned for yesterday, but they just anceled it and make realm restarts) but no signal of the patch

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