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    Quote Originally Posted by Matutin View Post
    So, if no BlizzCon till 2013, when and where this guys are going to announce Pandaria? :O
    It means that Pandaria will be ut before blizzcon would have happened. Probably may-july release date.

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    Looks like all cosplayers got extra year to finish their projects!

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    Does this mean that Blizzcon may be in jan-june of 2013?

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    Interesting move to not have a Blizzcon and instead hold a tournament for two of their titles (Which is normally a part of Blizzcon is it not?)

    Personally, I get the feeling they're doing this because they haven't got much significant stuff to announce and/or talk about. MoP will be out or nearly out, so there would only be little bits to talk about, HotS will probably be out, and D3 had better be out. What's left? Talking about another expansion in WoW, The last part of the SC2 trilogy and Titan. They probably wouldn't want to release anything about Titan just yet, it will be too early to talk about the next WoW expansion and stretching SC2 news over a couple of days just won't happen.

    Poised for some big announcements in 2013 though.

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    So MOP is getting delayed and they don't have enough content for 2012 Blizzcon. :l

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    Is it possible that Blizzcon 2013 may be earlier in the year rather than the traditional autumn slot? They could still announce Titan and the next WoW Xpac that way?

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    Makes sense, considering all of their current big projects are being released this year, they wouldn't had much to announce for either next wow xpack after MoP, SC2 xpack after HotS or D3 first xpack, and Titan is obviously not close enough for release (if we ever hear anything about this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    So MOP is getting delayed and they don't have enough content for 2012 Blizzcon. :l
    I very much doubt they'd lack content for blizzcon lol, lets hope they spend the extra time gettin MoP and D3 out asap! Cause lets be honest if they don't release mop or a new content patch for wow, they're going to lose A LOT of subs.

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    Could this mean that they have so little to talk about (because we know about most of the games, and it isn't time for a DIII or the next SCII expansion yet), that it simply isn't worth it, and that they want to use E3 for TITAN ANNOUNCEMENT?

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    Ever think that blizzard doesnt need b lizzcon to release some of their titles. MoP, HotS, and D3 might get release before-hand.(D3 and MoP most definitly) They might even clarify this at some point. Still sad that there is no Blizzcon this year

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    Just generally means there's not much they either want to or have to show. Probably meaning most of the content they have for this year will be released by then and they don't want to put on a disappointing show like a couple of years ago.

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    Bit of a let down, but hey, we get some eSports and they put more time into their current projects!

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    "In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013."sounds more like "dudes we suck atm and need half a year for some sloppy recolors which makes us lose about 10% of our WoW-income per year. also we have nothing to present so it would be kinda boring."

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    Makes perfect sense. It would have been at a very unfortunate time. 3 titles just released, and with time not being ripe for new announcements yet. People would complain about it being boring.

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    And you guys continue to defend these punks

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    We're also heavily focused on getting Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm into players’ hands as soon as possible. In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.
    Typical PR nonsense. That's obviously not the real reason.

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    the world is ending thats why omg runnnnnnnn

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    I wonder what this means for D3, Blizzcon should typically be used to promote new products right? I guess that means D3 may not come out in 2012 after all (hey, it's only been 4 years since the announcement..)

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    One more yeare to save money to get over to US again.

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    World is ending everybody hoard the toilet paper!!!!!!

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