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    No BlizzCon in 2012 - World Championship

    Update: Added a Blizzcon 2012 follow-up post by Bashiok and other news.

    No BlizzCon in 2012 - World Championship
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce the 2012 World Championship, a major global eSports event featuring some of the best pro-gaming competition in the world. Slated to take place in Asia toward the end of 2012, the World Championship will host this year’s StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournaments. Blizzard gamers and eSports fans from around the world will be invited to attend and witness some of the most skilled pro players on the planet battle it out for cash and glory.

    We’re excited to be showcasing Blizzard eSports on a truly global stage this year. We're also heavily focused on getting Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm into players’ hands as soon as possible. In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.

    More details about the 2012 World Championship and BlizzCon 2013, including specific dates and locations, will be coming in the months ahead.

    Blizzcon 2012 Follow-up
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Yeah it's a bit disappointing because we all really do enjoy being able to 'open the doors' so to speak. But, it is an enormous effort by all employees, including our game designers and artists, not to mention customer support and quality assurance, PR, our business departments, and *hot breath on fingernails & shirt rub* Community & eSports to make a BlizzCon happen. In a year when we're working to release multiple titles (knock on wood) it makes sense to focus our efforts. Also with multiple game releases we just wonder if we'd be at a point with any of them where we'd have anything really big or new or cool to talk about.

    We didn't have a BlizzCon in 2006 either, and at that time we were really strong on the idea that BlizzCon isn't really supposed to be and doesn't have to be an annual event. Of course then we have it for five straight years in a row... which obviously built some expectation.

    Personally I always enjoy seeing the excitement, the rushing crowds, hearing the clicking of mice on the demo stations, and waiting in agony as the seconds countdown to an announcement and then the waves of emotion from the crowd that follow it. But thinking about our year and what we're trying to get done already without a BlizzCon, and having to think pretty hard about what we'd have to announce or demo, it just makes sense to me not to have one.

    Here's to the World Championship, it's going to be awesome, and to a bigger and better BlizzCon in 2013.

    Fan Art
    The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with six new pieces of fan artwork.

    The MMO Report has SWTOR, TERA, and Mail Bag this week!

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    Boubouille, i'd say "No BlizzCon in 2012", not 2013

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    boub you need to change title to no blizzcon until 2013

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    Yeah yeah, it's already fixed I'm just waiting for the cache to cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feangren View Post
    Boubouille, i'd say "No BlizzCon in 2012", not 2013

    "In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013."


    Too slow. Sounds, err, nice? : /. Not sure what to think. Less money I have to pay this year, then
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    Probably because every single designer is busy with games. Makes sense to postpone until next year.

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    No Blizzcon? No Titan announcement But, that must mean announcement in 2013, and an extra year to save up money to go again YAY!

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    Well that's a kick in the teeth, it's my 21st this year and I was hoping to go to Blizzcon for it.

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    Hmmm.. so much for Titan being announced at Blizzcon 2012 then.

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    Oh man, this sucks!!

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    Meh, the esports for these games isn't that appealing to me.

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    Oshit... Blizz knows the world's gonna end in 2012, so they're not bothering with Blizzcon again!! ZOMG!! >__>
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    on an aside, i think Bane Falcon might be my hero
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    Oh boy...........

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    So, if no BlizzCon till 2013, when and where this guys are going to announce Pandaria? :O

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    In before "wtf?? blizz doesnt care anymore about player base" and other related "Blizzard-is-lazy" styled comments
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matutin View Post
    So, if no BlizzCon till 2013, when and where this guys are going to announce Pandaria? :O

    last years blizzcon 0o

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    Pretty gutted to be honest. Out of all of the gaming conventions out there, Blizzcon is the one I really get excited about.

    Then again, would 3 big blizzard releases in 2012 make up for it? Err, yes :P

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    Slated to take place in Asia toward the end of 2012
    Why do I get a feeling a new wave of conspiracies are going to be born from this one line. /sigh.

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