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    Mara never uses a purple lightsaber in the entire Heir to the Empire trilogy.

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    my rodian used to be Master Doctor / Master Teras Kasi Artist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FtC-Havox View Post
    The Twi'lek Tott Doneeta from the Tales of the Jedi comic (1996) had a purple lightsaber.

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    I was under the impression that color denoted chosen focus.

    Blue = Knight
    Green = Consular
    Purple denoted a knight who had achieved absolute mastery of sabre-based combat, such as Mace Windu. All forms of combat while being able to manipulate the force in ways some early consular's found difficult.

    Sith chose red to confuse their enemies and strike fear. A red lightsaber meant you were going to die.

    This was inspired by the progression of Luke, from Blue (I wanna be a knight!) to Green (Taught by Yoda, a powerful consular) to Red (books, near the end of ep 6, etc) denoting his almost-fall.

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    Jedi use Blue/Green because the majority of crystals used in lightsabers now come from Ilum, where the crystals only form in those colors.

    Sith use Red because the majority of their crystals are artificially synthesized.
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    The lightsaber's amethyst color was chosen by the actor portraying Windu, Samuel L. Jackson, who wanted a purple lightsaber because he was "the second baddest Jedi in the universe" and so he could find himself among the many Jedi featured in the Battle of Geonosis scene.

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    Hello necro. While well intentioned, necro's are still necro's and this is quite an old thread, so closing this down.

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