View Poll Results: What is your favorite weapon type?

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  • Assault Rifle

    36 41.38%
  • Shotgun

    15 17.24%
  • Pistol/Revolver

    8 9.20%
  • Sniper

    31 35.63%
  • Grenade etc

    3 3.45%
  • Melee

    10 11.49%
  • Rocket Launcher

    11 12.64%
  • SMG

    17 19.54%
  • Machine Gun

    14 16.09%
  • Standard Rifle

    6 6.90%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    In FPS games, what is your favorite weapon type?

    As the title says pretty much.

    I myself prefer assault rifles and snipers.

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    I'm an LMG kind of person. Nothing can go wrong with 100 or so bullets of death, whether it's belt-fed or drum mag.

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    Assuming "realistic" weapons, I like LMGs. Mostly because I have terrible aim.
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    I will find ways to use a shotgun if at all possible. If not, assault rifles are the weapon for every occasion.
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    Assault Rifle, Grenades and Melee, my bread and butter in Halo...
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    Throw me the M1 Garand please!
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    Assault rifle primarily, because it's too freaking versatile (use it for short, mid, and long range).

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    The Insane
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    Either the Shotgun or the BIGGEST THING THERE IS RAAAWR! I always end up going Arnold; charging, raging and roaring. If it doesn't work, it's a great distraction.

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    assault rifles till i get the biggest Lmg i dont have the patience for sniper rifles .

    personnally loved the m60 from black ops that thing fired it practically screamed get down fooooooooooooolllllz lol.
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    I love to use my sniper rifles but I'm really most effective with a good ol' LMG.

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    For most situations an assault rifle, although I take any occasion I get to use the shotgun effectively.

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    Suprised Im the only one that picked rocket launcher

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    I used to love shotguns but apart from few games, ever since Doom/Duke Nukem 3D period the shotguns have dropped their balls somewhere and became a wussy weaponry.
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    Scarab Lord
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    Sniper rifles.

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    In most games SMGs. For example when I was really into Counter Strike the MP5 was the only weapon I ever used. Same thing in the Rainbow Six games. I just love SMGs. High fire rate with ease of use = perfection imo.

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    No laser rifle or plasma rifle.

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    nothing beats drilling your opponent with a spot on lightning gun or a set of perfectly chained (air)rockets.

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    I would say Rail gun... but since its not there I would say Sniper rifles, but I own with every gun I play with so it does not matter what gun I use...... I´m always far better then the people I play against (yes I have a huge ego when it comes to fps games and there is a reason for it.)
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    Sniper rifle and assault rifle. Dragunov! <3
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