View Poll Results: What is your favorite weapon type?

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  • Assault Rifle

    36 41.38%
  • Shotgun

    15 17.24%
  • Pistol/Revolver

    8 9.20%
  • Sniper

    31 35.63%
  • Grenade etc

    3 3.45%
  • Melee

    10 11.49%
  • Rocket Launcher

    11 12.64%
  • SMG

    17 19.54%
  • Machine Gun

    14 16.09%
  • Standard Rifle

    6 6.90%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I usually use assault rifles but depending on the game I will also use SMG's and Rocket Launchers.
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    I tend to stick with Pistols or SMGs.
    Pistols often aren't really the "viable" option and just a side-arm, so SMGs as the main weapon. Shotgun works too.
    Prefer to use them defensively with much mobility.

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    since my early days of fps in unreal tournament that it is always the rocket launcher, wich is one of the reasons i dont play most fps nowadays since they require for you always be hiding or in cover while shooting from behind it, unlike the good old days where people were running and jumping all over the place like rambos
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    MogIt probably.
    I like snipers. Being patient can be hard but ever so rewarding for head shots.
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    Shotgun for surprise attacks, SMG for the "run, fire, hide, forget, reload, run again" feel and Pistols for the pleasure of killing ppl with only skill in my hand.

    Against computer (in story mode) i often use Pistols to increase difficulty through other means than it using aimbot/more HP.

    LMG just lacks personality

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    I like setting bombs and remotely detonating them with good timing. Not on the list
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    Whatever the closest thing to a battle rifle is, nevar forget.
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    Sniper and Melee. I have pretty terrible aim in FPS, so I prefer to snipe(in the sense that after I shoot they may not know where I'm at)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roose View Post
    I will find ways to use a shotgun if at all possible. If not, assault rifles are the weapon for every occasion.

    fan of shitguns and a sig with omar now this man is dedicated to the weapon

    OT i have no real preference it depends on my mood but theres something about smgs i truly enjoy

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    Knife, Sniper rifle and assault rifle. In that order.

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    It depends entirely on the game. In Halo for example, I love Rifles, in Gears of War I love shotguns. Each game is different.
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    Doom 3 + shotgun best combo ever. Shotguns for the real mans.

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    light machine guns typically, closely followed by assault rifles, then in with a knife (i hate pistols in games, would prefer to die trying to knife someone than bother with a pistol :P )

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    BFG in Quake3=win

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    Pistols of almost any kind.

    80% of games they are infinite ammo to the T. PEW PEW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omglavaburst View Post
    BFG in Quake3=win
    Rocketlauncher + railgun, best weapons ever :}

    btw, why there's no railgun in the poll? ;s

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    I love posting up with a bolt action

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