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    This will give them a very greedy image and will make people NOT try out the beta and potentially not buy the game. That's not a market strategy, that's digging your own grave.
    If the games good, it will sell.

    No matter what happens, there will always be people buying the product. Then they'll talk about how great it is and then others buy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    If the games good, it will sell.

    No matter what happens, there will always be people buying the product. Then they'll talk about how great it is and then others buy it.
    There not going to sell beta invites, if they want more money there are less shady methods and if they use those methods they would look less greedy and there would be more popularity in guild wars 2 then "selling beta invites" then they win on both sides.

    They are not selling beta invites, ncsoft does not decided how beta rolls. End of story.

    If a game in the past run by ncsoft required you to have a previous game to get into its sequels beta that was a consensus decision by the actual game creators and ncsoft promotes that.
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    I like all the posts claiming the company owes people who purchased their product(s) nothing. Imo Sinner 563 had it right:

    Friends and Family Beta
    Closed Beta: "pro" beta testers. Those who do this often and provide excellent feedback when they do.
    Closed Beta: Product champions. Those who have participated in the company's products quickly, early, and frequently even beyond the product's expected lifecycle.
    Closed Beta: Well-known website tie-ins and "random" invites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    Betas are never fair, and if I don't get selected oh well I've been waiting for 5 years.
    You waiting 5 years does not mean you are entitled to a beta key. No one is entitled to a beta key. Their is no fair or unfair when handing out beta keys because this data collecting isnt for you its for the dev's. Stop making this about you.

    Now if they said that everyone that owned a copy of GW1 for more than 3 years gets invited to the beta and then you who fell into that criteria didnt get a key, THEN you would be entitled to a key and it WOULD be unfair that you didnt get one. But thats not the case now is it. This is about the game. They want to properly test their game AND want to properly Market their game while not having to shell out tons of cash. and ill speak to this specifically.

    You know how Blizzard and Bioware always come out with these great cinematic that we all like to see advertising their game. Do you know how much that costs to produce even one of those? And they make multiple of them? Yet all Anet does is combine their beautiful Concept art and seamlessly transcribe it into their game and cut down on trailer costs. And even with that they have beautiful trailers and this coming from someone who loves Blizz and Bioware trailers but i also dont like being tricked when seeing CGI trailers and then getting outdated ingame graphics.

    Ah back on topic. Anet is doing things right, they are doing these events for Marketing purposes so they dont have to spend money. And once February is over they will open it up and do some more real testing to make sure their servers can hold players at peak hours and also get an idea of interest in the game.

    Again game isnt about you its about the game.

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