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    Demon Hunter Patch 10 Playthrough in 1080p

    My playthrough of the beta in Patch 10 if anyone wants to see. Lots of small polish gets added with every patch.

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    Argh! Tempt me not foul denizen of the web, for when I walk the path of the Demon Hunter it will be unsullied by your by your arcane knowledge of this - *spits* - Beta.

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    Nice videos mate, demon hunter IS a nice class afterall <3

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    Terrific video quality and presentation. Kudos.

    I enjoyed the vids a lot.

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    skipped all the way to the skeleton king, didn't wanna spoil it, well skeletal king fight seems interesting, simple, but good

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    So the entire beta takes about an hour?

    How much more is expected out of the retail version?
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    "Slaughtered Calf Inn" lol sounds like such a pleasant place to stay the night. Also "Not enough hatred" when you run out of resources makes me smile.

    Great videos, thanks.
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