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    Free, offline FPS?

    Hello all, like any good employee, I like to take to my laptop to work when my manager won't be in (making me the "manager" on duty) and would like a good game to play. We're cheap and don't have WiFi and our only ethernet cables can't be pulled because it will knock our register systems offline. Which leads me here to ask the community: what is your favorite First-Person Shooter game that can be played offline (good campaign I guess?) and is free to download?

    Thanks in advance all.
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    My go to FPS is halo 2, but idk if you can get that on PC or not (at least legally) Timeshift had a good single player campaign, as well as the Bioshock series.
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    Half life 1. Not free but very cheap and nostalgic and good all around.

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    People don't really make free offline FPSes..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinus View Post
    People don't really make free offline FPSes..
    Lol yeah, not the best business model.

    @OP I guess you can get the HL series pretty cheap and they will keep you entertained.

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    TF2 offline mode vs bots maybe?
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    yep free and offline = no money.

    but like you said "like any good employee"

    any good employee knows other way to get there hand on someting.

    then you need to find a nice fps. there tons of them:P

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    Meh. I was really afraid of that. I just didn't wanna spend money on it because it's like 2 days a month I have this situation. We're a pool / hot tub store. Not a lot of people new hot tub stuff and it's 20 degrees out. So there's nothing to do.

    Thanks anyways guys. I'll either have to man up and pay or just play solitaire.
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