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    Leveling as shadow help?

    I dont know, maybe I've just always played sturdy classes, I just feel at a loss when playing my priest. Im a fresh 80, I leveled through RAF dungeons, and I wanted to quest to 85. I seem to go oom when I put up full dots, and when I dont, I end up just mindflaying and take a lot of damage to the face. Any tips? Please? :<

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    ding 81> spam mind spikex3+mindblast>dead mob

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    ^ , make use of dispersion and wings as well. Get the spirit tap glyph!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syld View Post
    ding 81> spam mind spikex3+mindblast>dead mob
    Pretty much this.

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    Before you gain mind spike leveling as a shadow priest is much much slower. Sometimes before 80 it makes more sense just to go disc and smite. Don't forget about the killing blow sw:d if your glyphed this will help you regen your mana.

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