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    I did the first missions without any upgrade and tought WOW THIS IS HARD!!!!

    I loved it.

    But now i have upgrades and its pretty eas mode.

    Without upgrades you wont be able to do top missions anyway.

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    All the time. I never have any I post to GTN around the next day. Level 2 items sell best for me, the level 4 upgrades are iffy. Either people don't care or drop out of space combat play by then. I know in my large guild that very few of us do space missions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post

    Yes they do buy them, space missions are a blast if you keep your ship with best-in-slot.

    I know what missions is that, and i learned that the last generator is on that space station right before the end. But i just cant seem to get all of them in time.
    Actually, there are exactly 10 shield generators on the 5 frigates you encounter during the mission, but the 2nd generator on the 2nd frigate you see is pretty tricky to get, and you never get another shot at it. Whenever I get 9/10 it's because I missed that one specific generator.

    If killing the shield generators on the destroyer at the end also counts, that will make me a very happy camper.

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    I would never buy them leveling up, the ones from the starship vendor is more than enough to always make it easy. The epic ones at 45-50 sure people will buy. Completion. Need moar than 150 missiles! :P

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    Bonus objectives give more xp / money ? or maybe more badges?

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    Bonus objectives give more xp / money ? or maybe more badges?
    All of them. More xp, more money and more badges.
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