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    Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note are the only ones that I have watched as an adult, but I did used to watch Pokémon if that counts.

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    Initial D
    Black Lagoon
    Elfin Lied
    Death Note
    Bleach(up to # whatever i stopped at)
    Cowboy Bebop

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    Cowboy Bebop
    Fruits Basket

    Take your pick. :V

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    dragon ball z
    fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
    soul eater
    one piece
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    I like episodic anime specially Cowboy bebop (big fan of jazz and blues) Kino's journey and mushishi (nice philosophical themes in both)
    For those who are interested in anime i recommend Kaiji (psychological gambling anime) Yakitate!! Japan (comedy about baking) GTO and FMA brotherhood
    other good animes:
    Now and Then, Here and There
    Paranoia Agent
    Tokyo Godfathers(movie)
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time(movie)

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    FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood > Code Geass R1/R2 > Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann > Death Note.

    Big thanks to Safhira for my Signature!…

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    School rumble, love hina, azumanga daiyo, cowboy bebop, naruto, bleach (last 2 are only bearable if you skip fillers imo), Full Metal Alchemist (brotherhood or original, both are good), last exile, planetes. Pff lots more I like, absolute favorite is Cowboy Bebop though.

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    I'm definitely not an anime fan, for a long time was even a hater.
    But I've watched some, and liked them: Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Ergo Proxy. Planning to watch Rurouni Kenshin and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

    Still I think that most anime is targeted either at kids, or perverts.

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    Hellsing Ultimate
    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Black Lagoon
    Death Note
    Samurai Champloo
    Wolf's Rain
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    Stein's Gate
    Code Geass
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    Elfen Lied, Code Geass and Speed Grapher for me.

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    anime > FMA, manga > Naruto D:

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    Naruto <3
    Elfen Lied
    Full Metal Panic!
    Black Lagoon <3

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    Nowadays, I prefer manga over anime. Favorite manga, One Piece. Favorite anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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    Death note
    Deadman wonderland

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    If you are new to Anime I would suggest Naruto. Every Naruto episode can be found on !
    That is where I started and still follow the show!

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    They hurt my head.

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    My favorites are Berserk and Claymore. Full Metal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo are also very good.

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    Rosario + Vampire
    Motto To Love-Ru

    Claymore would probably be on there if there was a second series, really enjoyed it but the story feels unfinished :<
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    The general prioritation I chose is:

    Looking good > mastery > stamina > parry = dodge > hit > expertise

    As you can see, looking good is superior even to mastery.

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    the best in my opinion are full metal alchemist brotherhood (the reboot that uses the mangastory), death note and Code geass.
    also very watchable is Steins Gate if u like scify.

    something u can keep watching for years is onepiece, naruto and bleach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nawy View Post
    Vinni, Could you explain the anime a little bit more? Sounds interesting
    Well it's kinda hard to explain, mostly cos i suck at explaining anything, but I'll try.

    Basically there's this 'heaven' where the celestials live; dont get me wrong, they act like regular people and look like them. But once every so many years they hold a tournament to choose who the next God will be. Certain celestials enter the tournament and they choose someone from the regular world to be their competitor. Each participant is given a power with which they have to defeat another competitor. The battles can happen anywhere, anytime and no rules; and once you lose a battle you're out and you lose your power. The interesting thing is that the powers aren't like super strength or super speed or anything, quite different from that. Now I can only remember some of the powers: turn rubbish into trees ( more helpful than it sounds), turn tomatoes into lava, coins into tornadoes, turn bathroom towels into sheets of steel, turn beads into bombs, sugar into electricity and turn your forhead into a diamond. There are way more and each participant has a different power from the others. Some are completely wacko but some are epic.

    Anyway, the show follows a specific participant called Euki on his adventure to win. There's a few bits of comedy and some fould language in certain bits but I certainly recommend it

    Hope I didn't make it sounds boring :P

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