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    is 40% haste worth it? Spriest here need help

    Ok I am admittedly a little slow, i skim or skip through guides and this might have been answered already, if so I apologize. I only ask cause I know you guys ran the programs to figure this stuff out long before it even dawned on me to ask the question

    here is my current system for my priest,
    maintain 30% haste but anything over that reforge into the other stats
    hit to cap, currently 2 points over
    dump everything that isn't going into intellect into mastery

    as a goblin the cap is a lil easier to manage

    i was thinking about it though, what if i had all the current pieces i have with no mastery with mastery on them

    cuz i opted for valor pieces for fast gear ups and in some cases chose pieces with no haste
    so i figured out IF i can get my valor hood, ring of the riven (which i already have), a bottled wishes (which sadly will take me two weeks to get), the bis haste wrist which im next on the list for at my guild as i work as our third heals, and and the haste crit belt from DS. i could probably wing 40% haste

    so is 40% haste worth dropping an int trink? i dont know anything about plateuas
    is the 4 set t13 better than the 2 set from t12?
    these are questions i need to haz answered.

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    i dont think im a baddie, 30k on ultra ten reg, was the best in my group

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    You should not use Bottled Wishes for the haste on it. It is best/only used reforged to mastery and the use lined up with shadowfiend/archangel and the mind spike rotation.

    For normal and heroic dragonsoul your best to go with Will of Unbinding, and Cunning of the cruel. Most people are only using Bottled Wishes for heroic spine and they are lining that cooldown up for tendons only.

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    You are thinking too much about secondary stats. First and foremost, our best stat by a huge margin is intellect. That is most important and should be the first factor you consider in any gear choice. For the secondary stats I would recommend 30% haste and then maximizing mastery. That is generally going to be the best for you. If you have the 4 piece set bonus and are needing high burst damage for some particular fight (ex. Heroic Hagara, Spine, Mandess), then that may be a case where you can consider a secondary set that is focused on mastery.
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    ok with goblin racial whats the haste rate i need for 40%

    i dug out some old gear and i think i can get haste ontu every piece

    so no sacrificing my necrotic trink for bottled wishes

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    As far as my character goes (without DI) it would appear to my research that all you want is enough haste for VT+2 and then you want to maximise mastery. I don't think you're going to get much value at trying to get to 40% which seems like a very arbitary number. There might be some value getting to 3202 haste rating but I don't think that is going to be viable unless you get a decent amount of heroic loot and even then I'm not convinced it will be better than staying at 2589 and investing in mastery.

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