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    Please note: I am not putting this game down, nor am I flaming/trolling etc. Just looking for some honest feedback from the rets.

    I'd been playing wow for 4 some odd years, missed the epic years of tier 3 and since starting in TBC, I truly enjoyed the game's aspects, making new friends, raiding and the whole pie that makes up WoW. Over the course of Wotlk, I had more fun than I could imagine, probably that I was not a noob anymore and kept up with the rest of the competitive sides and even seeing server firsts. Downing the lich king was more exciting than I care to admit, but since that spark, it got even better! I raced to 85 with so many others in a single day filled with redbull, cheezeburgers and passing out in my chair after 23 hours. Would I do all that again? Probably. I quit only because it was really so sad to see ret's just pushed aside so harshly this expansion. Raiding was difficult. Yes, faceroll is what makes the game boring, but it had its appeal. I enjoyed melee and still do. Is all that blizzard has done in 4.3 and on made the game for rets even remotely worth coming back to after a 5 month hiatus? I would love to see pandaria, but I dont think anyone wants to go through rets doing subpar for another entire expansion. Any thoughts to bring back to the game would be very welcomed.
    Paladins had the most changes done to them from WotLK to Cata. Ret Paladins game play was completely changed. It's not accurate to say they were pushed aside this expansion. And Rets dps number are not going to get you turned down for a Raid if you are good.

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    I believe that ret dps is where it should be. Hybrid dps must not, in any case, top the meters. Yes, there could be fights where rets could excel but someone should expect a traditional dps bringing more damage. You can't have a class who can heal, tank and dps and at the same time want to top meters, even though Blizz talks about homogenization all the time.
    Blizzard has already stated they no longer penalize the dps of hybrids. In their ideal world all specs that dps will be close. Again, there is no longer any intended dps difference for hybrids.

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    This is about the only post that really spoke out. When you put so much time and effort into a character, whether it be that you played it through expansion after expansion and focused on getting every single achievement or feat of strength, you grow attatched to that character. Honestly, I miss wow and nothing would feel better than to come back and see rets hated rather than laughed at. I agree that there is no fun in an RNG based dependency that locks skill out and good luck in. It may be time I keep my ret shelved and get my druid out.
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