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    Streaming HC Spine of Deathwing! Ret paladin pov!


    Figured id stream our raid from a ret paladin pov! Today we do HC Spine of Deathwing attempts and maybe even a kill

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    Good watch. Keep up the solid attempts! We're working on the fight as well but you guys seem to be a bit more progressed -- it's interesting to see the second plate live and how much of a cluster it is.

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    So i decided to turn down the quality for those of you with bad computers. Shouldnt be lagging anymore!

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    Out of curiosity, I'm watching you currently.
    You have clc set to show Inquisition oddly. Do you sometimes only rebuff it when it's literally falls off?
    Just wondering what I'm watching happening.

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    I have it setup in a wierd way idd but its just the way im used to it. I refresh it within 5 secounds before it falls off (try to alteast but on spine its not always as easy). Im streaming right now anyways from my firemage alt if anyone is intrested!

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    And were back! More progress and trying out a new tactic! http://no.twitch.tv/consata

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    Fff, your stream has some weird music and lags alot. :<

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    Sorry you feel that way Soradras which is totaly not annoyed that i asked him to post here so it would get bumped!

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    Please see this thread in the Raids & Dungeons forum for information about posting raidstreams.


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