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    The VO's have spoiled me. I find myself losing interest in any alien not speaking galactic basic or with any mission box objectives. Really I just like the option to listen to an NPC, then have my SW point his finger at him and say, "That is beyond ludicrous".

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    Most of the time I am quite content with the quantity of the VO in the game. Sometimes viewing multiple scenes when picking up or dropping off quests can be a bit tiresome, but that's not a constant thing. If I find that I'm just getting really impatient with them I know I'll be better served by some twitch action. Time for some PvP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    Other than esseles/black talon, are there flashpoints with much conversations at all? Farthest I've gone is Maelstrom prison though so I haven't done a whole lot. In fact, I was rather disappointed in the fact that the flashpoints other than the first one was pretty devoid of any cutscene/conversation story stuff.
    Initially i felt the same but from playing i through i think Esseles/BT had TOO much voice over, the dungeon was way to stop start for me there wasnt a good enough flow. they have stated they have 2 sets of flashpoints, Story driven ones and the others that arent, the others are the ones with the short cuts in that are more about beating a boss.

    I like that, but it does make things like Hammer Station, Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders and Red Reaper seem a bit lacking, as i said above i think they overdid the story in Esseles, Under did it in the others, but then Taral V, Maelstrom, Illum, D7 and False Emperor, got it alot better having more story parts and having voice overs in the background (the exile, The yoda dude, Malgus, the robot creator guy, and the driod thinkg in D7) while you are traversing the dungeon.

    Over the whole game, they got it about right for me

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    I'd like a few more Flashpoints to be more like Directive 7. That had some nice dialog pacing in it. Plus, I would like SOME way to get social points! (Yes, it's just so I can buy Mako the dancer outfit, that doesn't make me a bad person).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakia View Post
    I think that the amount is perfect. If they start to annoy me, I just spacebar through everything. When I get to an important story quest or end of a class quest, I'll often listen.
    My friend and I are questing together (this is his second toon, my first), so he will often just run ahead and spacebar through the conversations and I make him wait for me to finish.

    Maybe there should be a setting (like someone mentioned above) to auto-skip through. For alts and such, so that you only have to do the conversations for your class quests (which I find very interesting as a SI)

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    Im waiting for people to start quitting the group / kicking for not spacebarring through a FP

    I personally like to listen to them and choose different answers each time hoping for a differnet reaction.

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    The cutscenes are fine the way they are. But once you've seen them a few times, especially daily quests and flash points, they get annoying.

    Once they fix social point allocation for hard modes I won't be so angry.
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    Class quests are generally worth listening to, as well as each planet's main questline (for most planets). Aside from that, I wish they stuck to quest-text.
    Imo, three things really need to be removed: idiotic copy-paste alien languages (made me want to replay KoToR and see how many wookies I could kill, torture and humiliate; I wish they made a "kill 1000 aliens" minigame instead of space), standard replies from your character (which sometimes don't even match what you are supposed to be saying) and choices that change absolutely nothing in a conversation, not even the NPC answer (let alone outcome).
    Players will no longer randomly suffer falling damage.

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    There is way too many small cut-scenes. They should have used voice acting and tell story more outside cut-scenes. For example when you are instanced story area you would be presented voice acting + npc fighting/chatting while you do your quest there.

    Also skill tree re-spec shouldn't have cut-scene + voice acting, but character emotes should have.

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    I just pressed space bar for all of them, most people in my guild did the same. IMO they should have only had cut-scenes for class quests.

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    Turned on subtitles and never looked back, bad voice acting and taking so much time to get to the point turned me off listening to them.

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    Keep the great voice acting and amazing scripted scenes comming!

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    This the games strong point, if your skipping through all these and rushing to the end game, you will be horribly dissapointed! But agreed, fantastic stuff, really great convincing voice acting and pretty cool on the fly actions you can perform.

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    Voted for 'not enough' because they are awesome and one of the best parts of the game. Only thing I would get rid of is for daily/repeatable missions, just put them on a mission board after the first time. Well, OK, after the third time. It is fun to try different options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    Voted for 'not enough' because they are awesome and one of the best parts of the game. Only thing I would get rid of is for daily/repeatable missions, just put them on a mission board after the first time. Well, OK, after the third time. It is fun to try different options.
    Yeah, after running a few of the flashpoints a second time around, I found that I get impatient waiting for people to finish the conversations that I have seen a few times.

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    There can never be too many. Those who enjoy them should have them, and those who don't can simply skip. Personally, I spacebar it up.

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    I love the cutscenes myself. Beats reading quest text. Makes the story more immersive. Now that I'm leveling alts, I'm skipping most quests that aren't class related that I already saw previously. I do still play through quests I find hilarious, though. I love the save the nexu cubs quest in the bonus series on Taris for Republic. I also like to see how an NPC reacts to my character to see if it's different from my last one. Some characters say things specific to the player being a jedi or a bounty hunter, others may be specific to race. Seen a few male NPCs comment on my female characters. One sith lord on Belsavis mentions my female warrior is the first woman he's seen in years which I found to be a bit amusing. Wish Quinn or even Pierce (depending on who you have out) would comment on that if you had a relationship with them. Had a good laugh when a jawa called my miraluka consular an eyetata. Also had a good laugh when my consular got a jawa robe from a quest and the jawa suggested I use it for a hood because it was really too small to wear. I know the latter is consular class specific, though. Still rather humorous to see some of these quests.

    Some can be a bit depressing, though. The Revan complex on Nar Shaddaa for Empire quest caught me off guard. When you ask the guy if he's going to go with you, he says he'll only slow you down. The way he says it makes me think he's about to cry. Kind of wish Revan's journal entry was at least voiced from the bonus quest, but I can understand why they didn't. On Republic, the quest chain to save the troopers from the casino on Nar Shaddaa only to find the Empire have been experimenting on them and killed most of them disgusted me. Changed my view of the Empire a bit on that one. I have yet to really have reactions like that to plain quest text. I just accept the quest and run off.

    I can see how cutscenes can get boring, though. I did the Belsavis and Ilum dailies for a few days straight, then started to do them every other day. Now I haven't done them in over a week. I opted to level alts instead. Wish they'd have random dailies rather than the same ones over and over and over. I tried to do the space missions and solo low level heroics with the odd low level flashpoint to break things up but that got old, too. Guess doing dailies in WoW since the TBC days now has me bored of dailies in SWTOR faster than intended.

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    i level with slave outfit, and the camera guy at bioware certainly made sure there was lots off butt close-up angles for female characters.

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    I dont see how anyone can complain about cutscenes when all you have to do is hit the space bar to fast forward through them.

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    Just hate'em.
    Maybe because I don't care about lore and the story.
    Maybe because I play it like WoW..

    P.s.: It's PvP I love, not "oh my god, I need you to kill 5 boars! They eat my apples!!".
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