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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadsop View Post
    I thought it was just so you could go up in Carrick and Forcequake the entire station for 2-3 hours.

    Maybe that's just the impression I get from idiots doing this every night on Pot5.
    Lmao. There are some sadistic geniuses on your server.

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    Just don't jump off the edge after just missing the lift down. It goes down faster than you fall.

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    VIP is a bit underrated imo, only thing that is nice (imo) is the mount u can get (big one)

    If u want something that is nice, u beter get a authenticator .. u can get a imperial fleet pass for 1k @ that security vendor.

    CD is like 40min if remind correctly

    And for me, there was a mod in the vendor for Khem, wich gives him a nice looking armor.
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